Netflix Launches First Production Hub in Spain

Netflix Launches First Production Hub in Spain

As Netflix gears up to produce more Spanish-language original series, they launch their first production hub in Spain. Visit for more information The streaming service is developing a noteworthy center point at Ciudad de la Tele, a twenty-two thousand square meter office in Tres Cantos, Madrid. It will be the focal office for Netflix’s […]

[Watch] Matador Killed By Bull in Teruel, Spain

PAY Bullfighter dies at Feria del Angel

Well, that ended badly. A bullfighter and a man participating in a village bull-run were killed in Spain on Saturday July 9, while another two men were gored by the animals at a festival in the town of Pamplona, Spain. Visit for more information Victor Barrio, a 29-year-old professional bullfighter, was killed when a bull’s horn […]

Chris Brown Flaunts His Love For Daughter Royalty with New Ink


Yesterday [6/5/16] Chris Brown took to Instagram to showcase the newest addition to his tattoos: a portrait of Royalty. Visit for more information Brown is known for his exceptionally great abilities as an artist. He has always used art as a form of self expression, whether it be through singing, dancing, songwriting, directing, or painting. Over […]

Eight Year Old Child Smuggled Into Spain In Suitcase Reunites With His Mother


Spanish authorities release Adou Ouattara to his mother Visit for more information Spanish authorities have allowed the mother of an eight year old Ivorian boy to take custody of her son after holding him at a Children’s center since he was discovered in a suitcase on May 7th. Adou Ouattara was found in the […]

8 Year Old African Child Found In Suitcase In Airport Checkpoint In Spain


A teenager attempts to migrate the child to Spain from Morocco at the request of the child’s father Visit for more information An 8 year old boy was discovered inside a suitcase during a routine scanner check in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave that borders Morroco.  A 19 year old girl attempted to bring the […]