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Spotify Wrapped Reveals Drake is in the Top 7% of All 2Pac Listeners


Spotify Wrapped is all over the timeline right now, and Drake chimed in to let you know who he is listening to. Hitting his Instagram story, The Boy revealed his go-to is 2Pac. Visit for more information Drake has listened to 2Pac the most on Spotify, for a total of 246 minutes. The spins […]

Wrapped: Bad Bunny is Spotify’s Most Streamed Artist in 2022

MTV VMA 'Artist of the Year' Bad Bunny Delivers 'Titi Me Pregunto' Performance from Yankee Stadium

Spotify Wrapped is all over your timeline, and one man you may see a lot is Bad Bunny. According to Variety, Bad Bunny leads the list of most-listened-to artists for the third year straight. Visit for more information More than 18.5 billion plays of Bad Bunny music have been created on Spotify this year, […]