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Twitter Explodes Over Who Takes Battle Between Killmonger and Loki


Let’s face it, we are all nerds if we know the names Killmonger and Loki. The members of the Marvel universe are cemented in our brains for their nefariousness and abilities. Visit for more information However, Twitter being the ripe playground it is for the mess, began imagining a world where the two face […]

The Bronx Will Honor Stan Lee By Naming a Street After Him

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The major “Phase 4” unveiling from Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 was the highlight of the week, but of course the moment was slightly bittersweet as Stan Lee couldn’t be there to see it all come to fruition. However, the New York City Council has found a way to honor the deceased comic […]

Stan Lee Was Reportedly Cremated, Cause of Death Revealed

Stan Lee Was Reportedly Cremated, Cause of Death Revealed

The creator of the Marvel universe, Stan Lee, died of heart and respiratory failure TMZ reports. Visit for more information Lee’s death certificate lists heart failure and breathing issues as his cause of death. Additionally, it states that he suffered aspiration pneumonia which means he inhaled food, stomach acid or saliva into his lungs. Stan […]

[Watch] Marvel’s Heartfelt Tribute to Stan Lee


On Monday, Nov. 12, we lost comic innovator, Stan Lee at the age of 95. Lee is the co-creator of some of our favorite superheroes such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Black Panther and many more. Lee’s massive contribution and influence are without question. Upon his death, he has received nothing but praise and tribute to […]

Stan Lee Passes Away at 95


The writer, editor, and publisher who is responsible for lovable characters such as, Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, and The Fantastic Four, Stan Lee, has passed away at the age of 95. Visit for more information His cause of death is unknown, however, he suffered several illnesses over the last year and had […]

Stan Lee Sued for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Stan Lee Sued for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

A Chicago-based massage therapist is accusing Stan Lee of sexual assault. Visit for more information Maria Carballo filed a complaint against the Marvel comics creator and his assistant, Mac Anderson. The complaint contains five counts, including assault, battery, violation of the Illinois Gender Violence Act, emotional distress and civil conspiracy. Carballo claims that she was hired […]

Happy Birthday Stan Lee! Top 5 Marvel Comics Characters

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On this date in 1922 in NYC, comic book pioneer and super hero creator Stanley Martin Lieber, otherwise known to the world as Stan Lee, was born. Visit for more information The famed cartoonist is a comic book writer, editer, publisher as well as the former president and chairman of Marvel Comics. Along with […]

Stan Lee Thinks Spiderman Shouldn’t Be Gay Or Black

Spider Man

Spider man will stick to the status quo as a straight, caucasian male Visit for more information Times are changing and many shows and movies are in a series of pendulum swings between homophobia and racism to being more accepting. However, Spiderman will not be swinging on the pendulum. According to Stan Lee, the […]