[WATCH] Aries Spears Releases 2-And-Half-Hour Video Heckling Crowd

[WATCH] Aries Spears Releases 2-And-Half-Hour Video Heckling Crowd

Child sex abuse allegations dismissed and behind him, popular comedian Aries Spears returns to stand-up comedy with the release of a two-and-half-hour stand-up set last Saturday (Oct.8) to his 88,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Visit for more information MORE: Tiffany Haddish States She is ‘Relieved’ After Skit with Aries Spears Surfaced Because She […]

Dave Chappelle Gave Will Smith Pointers Ahead of his Stand-Up Debut

DaveChapelleGaveWillSmithPointersAheadofhisStand UpDebut

Despite starring in arguably the best black TV sitcom and a number of successful comedy flicks, Will Smith has never done stand-up comedy before. Visit for more information In a recent episode of his new Facebook Watch series, Will Smith revealed that he turned to Dave Chapelle for advice in regards to his stand-up […]

No Spoilers: Netflix Releases Chris Rock Stand-Up Special ‘Tamborine’

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On this Valentine’s Day, Netflix is encouraging couples to save a few dollars and staying home. Are you ready to “Netflix and chill” with your loved one and watch Chris Rock‘s new Stand up special, Tamborine. The special was released at midnight on Valentine’s Day following a teaser that Chris Rock posted Tuesday morning on […]

Jamie Foxx Does Stand-Up for the First Time in 15 Years

JamieFoxxDoesStand UpfortheFirstTimeinYears

Jamie Foxx took the stage at HaHa Comedy Club in North Hollywood on Wednesday to do a 10-minute stand-up. According to him, he was testing out new material that’s apart of his upcoming comedy tour. Visit for more information Apparently the entertainer was only there to support his pals at Speedy N Friends comedy series […]

Chris Tucker To Release Full-Length Stand-Up Special On Netflix

tucker netflix

Chris Tucker, once comedy’s golden child, has returned home to the stage Visit for more information Chris Tucker burst onto the comedy scene two decades ago, ushered in by the likes of Martin Lawrence and Bernie Mac, as a high-pitched, insanely funny and relatable comic, and quickly found international stardom on the big screen, […]