Starbucks Responds to Employees Questioning Their Decision to Ban Visible BLM Gear


With the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, companies have been finding new ways to show their support and stand in solidarity with the black community. Starbucks claims to support the Black Lives Matter movement but most people of the community question the integrity of that after hearing the ban the company placed on employees to […]

SZA Wants to Boycott Starbucks After Company Bans BLM Attire For Employees

SZA offiially

Boycott Starbucks was trending on social media on Thursday and the T.D.E. first lady is getting behind the movement. SZA took to Twitter to respond to a leaked internal memo from Starbucks that revealed company policy that bans employees from wearing Black Lives Matter attire. Visit for more information “Also we boycotting Starbucks. DROP […]

Starbucks Closing 400 Locations and Shifting to ‘To Go’ Model


The country’s economic turmoil and consumer behavior caused by COVID-19 have hit some retail staples like JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, and more. That is now turning to Starbucks who has announced the closure of 400 stores in North America. Visit for more information The coffee giant not only closed stores but has shifted into a […]

Ex Starbucks Employee Sues The Company For Discrimination


A former white manager is suing Starbucks claiming the company discriminated against her after the backlash in which two men were arrested and the video sparked an outcry on social media. Visit for more information In a newly filed federal lawsuit, Shannon Phillips, who led Starbucks’ retail operations in southern New Jersey for 13 […]

‘The Daily Show’ Spoofs Starbucks’ Racial Bias Training Video


When Starbucks closed this past Tuesday (May 29) for racial bias training, The Daily Show as usual has its own hilarious interpretation on the training video used. We look forward to sharing this moving short film with all of you shortly. — Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) May 29, 2018 Visit for more information As you may […]

Starbucks Enlists Common to Help Their Anti-Racial Bias Training

StarbucksEnlistsCommontoHelpforTheirAnti RacialBiasTraining

Starbucks is scheduled to close 8,000 of their locations today for anti-racial bias training. The coffee company unveiled the program’s curriculum as per The Seattle Times and mentioned that Common will lend a helping hand. Visit for more information Along with Starbucks chief executive Kevin Johnson and chairman Howard Schultz, the Chicago emcee will appear in […]

Starbucks’ Bathroom is Now Open to the Public

Starbucks' Bathroom is Now Open to the Public

Starbucks will now allow visitors to use the restroom without a purchase. The policy’s reversal was undoubtedly inspired by the two young Black men who were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for waiting for a friend. Visit for more information CEO Howard Schultz announced this new, breathtakingly inspired idea at the Atlantic Council in […]

Spike Lee Speaks Out On Kanye’s TMZ Meltdown

kanye spike lee

If there’s ever been a filmmaker whose entire body of work speaks on the brilliance, legacy, and pain of Black people in America, it’s without a doubt Spike Lee. Visit for more information If he’s calling out Kanye West, well, in the words of Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2, “you better wake up […]

T.I. Boycotts Starbucks Following Racial Controversy


This week, there has been much controversy surrounding an incident that occurred at a Starbucks in Philadelphia. Two Black men were arrested after an employee reported to the police that the men had trespassed. Video clips of the incident showcase other customers protesting and calling the incident uncalled for, as the two men were taken […]

[WATCH] Video Of Black Men Arrested In Starbucks Causes Uproar On The Internet

two black men were arrested in starbucks witnesse     dblbig

An otherwise “normal” racist scenario in an eating establishment ending with two Black men being arrested for sitting in a Philadelphia Starbucks has gone viral after someone recorded the arrests while other patrons just observed, not knowing what happened or why they were being detained. Visit for more information One of the Starbucks’ employees […]

Racist Who’s Says She “Hates Oriental” Is Thrown Out Of Starbucks

safe image

Starbucks says you’re free to say what you want, just not in our stores. Visit for more information University student Annie An was reviewing an essay with her tutor in their native tongue when a middle-aged white woman interrupted them at the cafe in Walnut Creek, California, and said, “I don’t wanna hear your […]

Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks For “False Advertising”

starbucks latte lawsuit

Starbucks is in hot water after a Chicago woman accused the coffee company powerhouse of false advertising. Stacy Pincus is reportedly suing Starbucks for $5 million, alleging the company short-changes customers by filling chilled beverages with too much ice. Visit for more information In a federal lawsuit filed in Chicago last week, Pincus claimed by using large amounts of […]

Every Starbucks In Jakarta Closes After ISIS Attack

Starbucks Closes After Attack

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Starbucks has closed all 50 of their establishments after a series of coordinated attacks on Thursday [January 14, 2016] claimed to be the work of ISIS. The attacks led to at least two dead in the Indonesian capital. Visit for more information The attackers first struck a police traffic post on […]

Thandie Newton Calls Out Starbucks for Offensive Black Child Display

thandie newton wireimage

Actress Thandie Newton wasn’t too pleased when she walked into a London Starbucks to find an offensive display. Visit for more information The controversial holiday red cups weren’t the culprit this time, but a display of a young black boy, dressed in a loincloth with a safari hat, holding a wicker basket full of […]

Shaquille O’Neal Turned Down Starbucks Investment Because, “Black People Don’t Drink Coffee”

NBA legend Shaquille O’ Neal is probably kicking himself for a statement he made that cost him millions. While doing an interview with sports reporter, Graham Bensinger O’Neal says Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz contacted the basketball player in wanting to do business in opening the coffee franchise in predominately Black neighborhoods. Visit for more information […]