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How Much is Apple’s $1 Trillion? Watch the Breakdown


The ubiquitous fruit that symbolizes technological innovation like we’ve never seen before has made history once again. Yesterday, (August 2) Apple became the United State’s first company worth $1 trillion dollars. Many of us have never seen and may never see one trillion dollars in person. When braggadocious individuals boast about their cash flow, they […]

Apple iPhone Marks Its 10th Anniversary


The iPhone, the touch screen telecommunications device that redefined the cellular phone and has helped make Apple the most valuable company in the world, marked its 10th anniversary on Monday. It was on January 9, 2007, that late Apple founder and chief executive Steve Jobs went on stage at the company’s Macworld event to announce […]

Apple is Set to Release New MacBook this Thursday


This Thursday, Apple is reportedly releasing their new model for the MacBook at their exclusive conference event on its Cupertino campus. Hypebeast reports that not one but three new MacBooks will be announced at this conference which include: a 13-inch MacBook, a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Upgrades are to be expected but […]

Streaming Is Finally Bringing Money To The Music Industry


With nearly twenty years of sharp decline as a direct result of piracy and declining prices, the music industry has recently shown signs of recovery. Spearheading the way to profitability via streaming are Spotify and Apple Music. Recorded music revenue increased by 8.1 percent to $3.4 billion in the first half of 2016, according to […]

Apple’s Latest Keynote Reveals New Products (And IOS 10 Is Lit)

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It’s no secret that every year Apple tries to up the ante with every new release. We can always expect something new and exciting with every product (which keeps us buying more). Shortly after every release we anticipate the new features and products, but Apple seems to surpass our greatest speculations for their new products every time. […]

This Is What The “i” In iPhone Stands For

iLife The “i” associated with the always present in a room and ubiquitous Apple product, is always plainly accepted and rarely questioned. The devices work, they are stylish and aesthetically pleasing but in purchasing an iPhone, iMac or iPad, why has the letter “i” preceding each type of product become a regular association? When Steve Jobs first […]

Film Review: ‘Steve Jobs’

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“Steve Jobs” starring Michael Fassbender, is the newest movie depicting the life of the infamous innovator Steve Jobs.