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Pharrell Criticizes Label Advances: “No One Should Own You”

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The relationship between artists and labels has always been turbulent. Some artists love their labels while others despise them. It seems as of late that a lot of younger artists are embracing being “independent” while others desperately seek out an album deal. One aspect of music labels that has always been tricky and divisive is […]

Kevin Durant and Steve Stoute Discuss Social Responsibilities of Athletes on ‘The Boardroom: Out of Office’ Podcast

Kevin Durant on the Knicks: 'I Didn't Want To Be The Savior'

Kevin Durant and Steve Stoute were the guests on the new episode of The Boardroom: Out of Office, the new podcast from Thirty-Five Ventures and Cadence13.  Visit for more information During the episode, the duo and Rich Kleiman cover the Black Lives Matter movement and the responsibilities of athletes in communities. While he isn’t currently in the bubble, […]

Steve Stoute Says if Drake Goes Indie the ‘Music Business is Over’

Drake Rumored to Release New Single with Bruno Mars Ahead of Album Release

If you believe Steve Stoute, he thinks the future of the recording industry is in the hands of Drake. The reveal comes from a conversation between Russ and Stoute at the virtual SelectCon conference and stated an independent Drake ends the music business. Visit for more information “If Drake goes independent, the music business […]

Steve Stoute Considers Himself the Knicks’ Version of Drake in Toronto


The New York Knicks have been a mess of an organization for over two decades now. To be honest, they can use all the help they can get. Enter Steve Stoute. Visit for more information Stoute, who now is doing brand consulting for the New York Knicks as one of his responsibilities, appeared on […]

NBA 2K Announce Winners of the 2K Soundtrack Competition

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Back in July, Steve Stoute announced a nationwide search at Complexcon Chicago, to find 10 up-and-coming artists to be featured on the NBA 2K20 soundtrack. Through Stoute’s UnitedMasters distribution, these independent artists will engage with gamers all across the world. NBA 2K has become a cultural staple in this day and age and the soundtrack […]

UnitedMasters Releases New App to Aid Indie Artists with Distribution


UnitedMasters is once again assisting the independent artist, this time by dropping a new iOS app to assist in the distribution process of their music. Visit for more information “The goal of UnitedMasters is to help artists operationalize independence and own their future,” CEO and Founder Steve Stoute said in a statement. “The app […]

Future on Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt: “It Wasn’t Hot Until 2Pac and Biggie Died”


Don’t all come for Future at once. Visit for more information Although as soon as these words left Future’s mouth, he received a tongue lashing like no other. During a rather healthy debate at a Barbershop, Future among other heavy hitters in the hip hop and sports world like: LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Steve Stoute, […]

Pusha T Wrote the World Famous “I’m Lovin’ It” Jingle For McDonalds

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This week, Pusha T is being celebrated for his absurdly good verse on his new single, “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” which also features Jay Z. With one-liners like “How many Madonnas can that Mazda fit?” and “Life’s a b*tch, A-Z on her shoe collection,” the Virginia native not only held court with Hov, he may have […]

Did Jay Z Keep The Game Ball From Kobe Bryant’s Last Game


Last night Kobe Bryant capped off his 20-year NBA career with a 60 point performance en route to a 101-96 victory over the Utah Jazz. The night was all the more historic considering that Bryant scored the most points ever for a player in his final game. Many celebs and notables from the Hip Hop […]

50 Cent Hilariously Narrates The Solange/Jay Z Altercation On His Instagram


Visit for more information Fif’s back at it. In case you haven’t heard, 50 Cent is a clown. From his raps, to his Twitter and Instagram, to his interviews, 50 Cent has most certainly become one of the biggest (and best) social hecklers in the industry. Advertisement So, of course, when Solange is caught […]

Dame Dash Weighs In On 50 Cent/Steve Stoute Dispute


Visit for more information A point of view from a third power player A little over a month ago, 50 Cent & Steve Stoute got in what looked like a heated dispute wile court-side at a New York Knicks game over some comments Stoute made to Angie Martinez on Hot 97. Stoute, owner of […]

Watch 50 Cent’s New Video For “Don’t Worry ‘Bout It”


Visit for more information 2nd video today Animal Ambition will be in stores (for sure, apparently), June 3rd, and 50 Cent‘s first album in 5 years looks to revive a career that many have already written off (see: Google > “50 Cent Steve Stoute”). Free of his restricting deal at Interscope Records, in favor […]

50 Cent Says Steve Stoute Told Him “Don’t Sign With The White Boy” In 2002

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Visit for more information The 50/Stoute saga continues A couple weeks ago, at a Knick game at MSG in New York City, 50 Cent approached Steve Stoute and, for lack of a better term, got in his face about some comments Stoute had made just days earlier during his time on Angie Martinez‘ Hot […]