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President Trump Renews Call for Stop And Frisk Policy in Major Black Cities

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In a town hall style interview on Fox News, President Trump claims that stop and frisk policy would help major cities decrease crime. Visit for more information Speaking with Sean Hannity, Trump name dropped Oakland, Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore as cities that have more crime than Honduras and Afghanistan. “Everybody gets upset when I […]

2015 Audio Leaked of Bloomberg Defending Stop-and-Frisk

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An audio has been leaked of a speech by former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg where he is heard defending his stop-and-frisk policy. The audio went viral on Twitter after being featured on “The Benjamin P. Dixon Show” on Monday night. According to the New York Post, the speech took place in 2015 at […]

Mike Bloomberg Officially Joins 2020 Presidential Election


Mike Bloomberg officially launched his democratic Presidential bid against Donald Trump. Visit for more information The former NYC Mayor who is also a former Republican said his campaign is centered around unseating the current POTUS who “represents an existential threat to our country and our values.” “Defeating Donald Trump — and rebuilding America — […]

Trump Pushes For ‘Stop And Frisk’ Strategy to Curb Violence in Chicago


President Donald Trump pledged on Monday to end a “crime spree” in Chicago and called for loosening restrictions on police in the third-largest U.S. city to allow stopping and frisking suspects for weapons and other contraband. Visit for more information Chicago police agreed in August 2015 to outside monitoring of stop-and-frisk searches after an […]

Ex-NFL Star Ricky Williams Stopped And Frisked By Police In Texas


Over the weekend, a video was released of former NFL star Ricky Williams being stopped and frisked in Tyler, Texas after police were called about a report of “suspicious activity” in the area. Visit for more information The New York Daily News reported that the police were responding to a report that someone had […]

Barney’s Customer Wins $45K In Racial Discrimination Case


20 year old Trayvon Christian, the teenager who was racially profiled and detained for purchasing a $350 belt, received a $45,000 settlement from high-end clothing retailer Barney’s New York for the “stop and frisk” incident in April of 2013. Visit for more information When Christian was 18 years old, he went to the Barney’s […]