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WarnerMedia Enters The Streaming Service War With ‘HBO Max’


A new contender is almost ready to make its way into the ever-growing streaming service war. WarnerMedia revealed the name for its upcoming streaming service, HBO Max. While no pricing details were announced, HBO Max will attempt to compete with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and the new Disney+ platform. HBO Max is set to launch […]

Google Announces Launch Window and Pricing for Stadia


Google’s video-game streaming service, Stadia, will start rolling out in November, the company announced Thursday on a YouTube live stream. The system, which was originally announced in March, will act like a Netflix for video games. Google says it will eventually allow people to play games directly over WiFi from any TV with Chromecast, computer with […]

Dame Dash Announces Streaming Service Partnership With Talib Kweli

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An unlikely NYC collabo comes to fruition in the form of Dame Dash and Talib Kweli’s soon-to-be launched music streaming service. Dame Dash launched his own streaming service called Dame Dash Studios, in which he partnered up with Brooklyn rap juggernaut Talib Kweli, whose music will be curated on the new service. This news comes […]

Hulu Lowers Prices in Response to Netflix Raising Theirs

Hulu Lowers Prices in Response to Netflix Raising Theirs

2019 way go down as the year the streaming service war officially started. Hulu announced that it will lower the price of its base, ad-supported subscription plan to $5.99 per month — down from the current $7.99 — beginning on February 26th. Hulu has offered its service at $5.99 previously on a promotional basis, and it clearly […]

Netflix Believes Their Competiton Isn’t HBO, It’s ‘Fortnite’

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With Netflix’s revenue hitting $16 billion in 2018, HBO’s parent company WarnerMedia and Disney preparing to launch their own streaming services, 2019 looks to be the most brutal year of “the streaming wars” yet. But as far as Netflix is concerned, the competition extends beyond duking it out with the titans of Old Hollywood: This […]

The Next Season of Netflix’s Critically Acclaimed ‘Black Mirror’ Possibly Releasing on December 28th

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The wait for the new Black Mirror season is almost over, maybe. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Netflix’s science-fiction Twitter account @NXonNetflix accidentally leaked the Season 5 premiere date and first episode title. If the tweet is to be believed, then “Black Mirror” returns December 28 with an episode called “Bandersnatch.” The tweet was deleted off Twitter but not […]

Disney Announces the Name of Their Potential ‘Netflix Killer’ Disney+

Disney Announces the Name of Their Potential 'Netflix Killer' Disney+

Disney is almost ready to go head to head with Netflix. Disney’s new streaming service will be called Disney+ and launch in late 2019, CEO Bob Iger announced on the company’s earnings call last week. The company announced in August 2017 it would pull all its movies from Netflix in 2019, and start its own streaming […]

Live Stream Apple’s 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference

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Apple may be about to unveil its new streaming service In the midst of the battles between TIDAL and Pandora, and several feverish conversations about artists’ royalties and percentages, Apple has quietly stuck their foot in the door of the streaming game, and those quiet whispers are about to become from-the-rooftop screams. Last week, Billboard […]