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Verizon Customers Will Get A Free Year of Disney+

Anticipation for the Disney+ streaming service has officially hit a fever pitch now that we’re just a few weeks away from the November 12 live date. With all that’s expected to be featured on the platform, including some of our favorite throwback Marvel cartoons, many people are ready to give all their money to Disney. […]

Disney Officially Announces Launch Date and Pricing For Disney+ Streaming Service

The streaming service wars are about to heat up.  Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney+, and it started laying its cards on the table this week. In a three-hour event Thursday, Disney revealed the release date, price, shows, and movies planned for its Netflix competitor. It all starts on November 12. For more info: […]

Music Streaming Services Dominates Again for 2018

For the third straight year in a row, the music industry in the US has posted double-digit growth. That’s according to a new report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Revenue from streaming music services increased 30%, reaching $7.4 billion.  Streaming alone contributed 75% of the total revenue in 2018.  According to the […]

Sony Acquires 60% Stake in EMI’s Publishing

Music giant Sony announced an acquisition of the 60 percent stake of EMI that is owned by Abu Dhabi based wealth fund Mubadala Investment Company for a whopping $2.3 billion. The New York Times reports by collecting the stake of Mubadala, Sony will own all but 10 percent of the equity in the EMI catalog. […]

ESPN To Enter The Streaming Service Business With ESPN Plus

ESPN is about to enter the streaming service business. The service will be called ESPN Plus, and live inside a new app that will be launched by the sports broadcasting network in spring 2018 – much earlier than Disney’s more general subscription streaming service that will launch in 2019. Disney CEO Bob Iger says a new ESPN […]

Plot Twist: Apple Interested In Buying TIDAL Streaming Services

In a twist of fate no one saw coming, Apple is reportedly interested in acquiring JAY Z‘s TIDAL streaming services. The two companies went hard this year trying to acquire the eyes and ears of millions of music fans looking for a safe place to digitally stream music. This year, Apple Inc. may make that decision […]

Twitter Just Invested $70 Million Into Soundcloud

Soundcloud and Twitter go together like peanut butter and jelly, at least in Hip Hop. The former popular streaming site attracts music-makers from all over the world, while the latter exposes you to them. Together they want to “help support efforts with creators.” Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, says, “[Soundcloud] has been great partners of ours […]

Netflix Considers Addition of Offline Viewing

Consumers have been able to download movies and television shows from sources like iTunes and Google Play for years. Even Amazon has offered its primetime users the ability to temporarily download their favorite movies or shows for offline viewing. Now Netflix wants to take things up a notch as they consider offering offline viewing as a […]