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NYC Graff Legend RE 357 Passes Away


According to confirmed reports, NYC graffiti mainstay RE 357 passed away yesterday. The Bronx native is a well-known veteran all over the streets of the Big Apple, best recognized on the walls and gates for his gigantic tags with wide fat caps in all five boroughs. Killing the streets since 1997, the DJ/producer/graff king has […]

Banksy’s “Joseph And Mary” Christmas Card Resurfaces On Social Media

Banksys Painting of Joseph and Mary on the Road to Bethlehem Resurfaces

Any true fan of modern art should have no problem recognizing the name Banksy. For all those who aren’t as knowledgeable, Banksy is one of the most renowned street artist of this generation. His pieces have pushed the boundaries of political and social activism and have been made a spectacle of whenever they appear in some […]

Off The Wall: OJAE FYC


There are what are classified as “white collar” graff artists, who look for the accolades and approval from society (i.e. legal walls, art galleries, etc.) ,and then there are the “blue collar” writers who really don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks about their bombing excursions other than them. Brooklyn’s OJAE is definitely […]

Off The Wall: Paradise Plus NYC Graffiti Gallery And Store

paradise plus

This small shop situated in the bowels of Bushwick, Brooklyn has become one of the premiere go-to graff shops in the five boroughs This week’s edition of’s Off The Wall feature focuses on a small business on 257 Varet Street in Brooklyn. Primarily tending to the needs of the average graff artist by supplying […]

BD White And JPO Special Open Studio


Last weekend, B.D. White and JPO invited everyone to an intimate event to their studio. Fans and artist alike were able to view and purchase works of all shapes and sizes without the “middle man.” During this event the attendees had a chance to also personally speak with both artists and “pick their brains” while […]

The 21st Precinct 1 Yr. Anniversary At Outlaw Arts (RECAP)

brooklyn street art pesu pixote bill claps jaime rojo  precinct   web

A police precinct is hardly a venue most people would consider apt for the display of modern art and graffiti, but thankfully the folks at Outlaw Arts are not “most people”. Founded in 2011, Outlaw Arts is based in New York and focuses on giving a stronger voice and presence to the underground-indie art scene […]

Miami Beach Police Officer Cleared In Graffiti Artist’s Taser Death


Prosecutors say that the officer in question committed no wrong doing in the 18 year old’s death and the court agrees Officer Jorge Mercado was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in a Florida courthouse yesterday in the Taser death of 18 year old graffiti artist REEFA aka Israel Hernandez-Llach back in 2013. According to the […]

Check Out This Rob “TMO” Plater x JMZ Walls Collab


An exclusive insight into the latest piece from artist Rob “TMO” Plater entitled “I ain’t rich cuz ain’t no money in the truth” This is what TMO had to say about his most recent mural as shown in the gallery below; “The inspiration behind my newest wall mural titled “I ain’t rich cuz ain’t no […]

Banksy’s Releases an Exclusive Interview Upon Artwork Receiving Grade II Status


The ever-reclusive artist, exclusively known by the pseudonym, “Banksy“ is not a man of many words as he tends to replace his words with art. Shroud in a veil of anonymity, Banksy interviews aren’t in abundance, and personal information about the artist amounts to not much more than he is probably from Bristol, England. So, any information that provides […]

Banksy Brings His Art To Gaza Strip

gz nc

The provocative street artist Banksy, famous for his usage of available architecture and public space to create his vast artworks, has brought his pieces to the Gaza Strip On his website posted several new photos of his pieces he made there recently, and a video describing Gaza in a vacation-promo satire.  The video starts with a […]

Film Review: HBO’s ‘Banksy Does New York’


Banksy’s latest effort to confound/impress and ultimately render America as the pseudo art-loving and genuinely capitalist mecca comes across efficiently in a new spewing, semi-revelatory documentary, Banksy Does New York.

Banksy Movie Trailer for “Better Out Than In, The Movie”


Banksy just recently won a Webby Award for Person Of The Year. Why? Well, last year October he graced us (NYC) with his presence for one month and dominated social media with his street art movement “Better Out Than In”. So without further ado he just released a trailer for a movie with the same […]

The Most Epic Graffiti Video You’ll Ever See, Time-Lapse Of 4 Artists Covering An Entire Warehouse


The headline for this post is a bold statement, I know. Just take a few minutes, gather your thoughts, and trust me on this one. Graffiti artists Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas, and Quench cover an entire warehouse in street art in this playful time-lapse video shot and edited by Selina Miles for Australian spray paint brand Ironlak. No, they literally COVER and ENTIRE […]

This Super Mario 3D Chalk Art Time Lapse Video Will Blow Your Mind


Art is awesome. Street art is awesomer. 3D street art in a time lapse video is mind boggling. In the sped-up video below, street artist Chris Carlson creates a lifelike 3D creation of Super Mario himself and an original Nintendo controller, both jumping out of the screen. If you were to see this in person from […]

Liu Bolin, “The Invisible Man”, Disappears Into Any Background

liu bolin officers

Liu Bolin, also known as “The Invisible Man”, is a Chinese artist who actually blends seamlessly into backgrounds of all sorts, from store isles to buildings on the street. While he’s in form, you could easily walk by him (and even look for him), and not notice he’s there. He has a small team of […]

Women In Street Art


In today’s era women are the new men? Women artists all around the world are clocking the street art scene. Through collaborative efforts these curators of our time are carving a place for themselves From realism to abstraction, glass to aerosol, there is variety in every direction you look at. These are just a few […]