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Juxtapoz RogerGastman00

This is the name of the latest effort by Roger Gastman for his series “The Cans IV – Krylon Edition”. Roger explains that, “I have a huge collection of spray paint and markers … they always want to ask me about my collections of cans, markers and other things and take pictures of them.” He […]

Stoop Talk: An Interview With Jay Shells Of Rap Quotes

BigDaddyKane RapQuotes JS

Music moves us, the imagery in our favorite songs propel us and motivate us to act out or live the lyrics in them. Hip-Hop was born in New York and it has since gone global. Our beloved genre will be turning 40 soon, still in a youthful stage compared to other genres. Throughout time, emcees […]

Silent Auction To Benefit Street Artist ESSAM


Street artist and Iraqi War veteran who operated drones, ESSAM, was arrested in his home on November 28th for mock street signs and pieces of graffiti that wanted to start a conversation on the growing hand and eye that the government has over this country. Drone implementation, internationally, is not only a hot topic but […]

New Banksy Piece Spotted in North London

A new piece appears on north London street by Banksy inspired by the Queen’s upcoming Diamond Jubllee. The piece draws correlation to an investigation that was launched in 2010 in London when a 7 year old boy was found working over 100 hours a week in an Indian sweat shop to produce items for a […]

Video: 5 Minutes with HuskMitNavn

HuskMitNavn which means RememberMyName is a Danish street artist he lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Watch him in work in the video below.   Advertisement  

Art Whino’s G40 Summit 2012 in Richmond, VA

Over 500 artists from around the world will be exhibited at Art Whino’s G40 Summit in Richmond, VA.  Art Whino has invited a 12 artists to paint 20 different walls, in effort to bring light to street art and put Richmond on the map in the street art world. This year’s G40 is the Third […]

Video: C215 Discusses Copyright and Street Art

French street artist C215 discusses his process for using found images of people on the internet in his work. He also gives his views on the end of copyright and appropraiting imagery on the internet.   Advertisement  

London’s Largest Mural

Commissioned by the company that owns Karpo restaurant and the Megaro Hotel, four street artists that are members of street art collective, Agents of Change: Remi/Rough from London, Edinburgh-based Steve More, LX.One from Paris, and LA-based Augustine Kofie have completed a huge 4843.76 square feet mural. It is located opposite St Pancras International station in London and encompasses two sides of the five storey Georgian building in […]

Video: Ludo in Paris

  LUDO / PARIS by DEFENSE_DAFFICHER Advertisement Video of French street artist Ludo speaking about his art of overtaking ad space in public spaces in Paris

Preview: “Keith Haring 1978- 1982′ exhibit at Brooklyn Museum of Art

  Keith Haring (American, 1958–1990). Untitled Journal Drawing, 1977. Collection Keith Haring Foundation. © Keith Haring Foundation Advertisement   Opening tomorrow, March 16th, 2012 through July 8th, 2012  Keithj Haring: 1978- 1982 is the first large scale exhibit to explore the early career and works of street and visual Keith Haring.  The show traces the development […]