Aretha Franklin Honored in New York City Subway Graffiti

Aretha Franklin Honored in New York City Subway Graffiti

People worldwide are reacting to the sudden loss of Aretha Franklin. Many fans and musicians shared their heartfelt messages on social media. Other fans paid tribute by temporarily renaming the Franklin Street subway in honor of the Queen of Soul. Visit for more information “ARETHA” was scrawled in white marker above “Franklin Street” signs […]

New York City Subway Commuters Bond Over Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”

New York City Subway Commuters Bond Over Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow"

Words by Jasmine Johnson Visit for more information Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” gets the people going and sticking together even at a New York City subway system. Over the weekend, the footage surfaced around of a bunch of people, who are subway transportation riders, dancing to the Bronx native’s hit single “Bodak Yellow,” in […]

NYC’s 24/7 Subway System May Come to an End in the Future


Imagine New York City with a subway system that didn’t run around the clock? Visit for more information The experts at the Regional Plan Association believe that removing the 24/7 system will help to build a reliable transit system for the growing metropolitan area. “We think that the days of the 24/7 subway system […]

Mothers Turns in the Subway Masturbator From Viral Video


A commuter’s video went viral after capturing a man masturbating on a New York subway. DNA Info reports the police now have the culprit in custody for his public display and are thanking his mother for turning him in. Visit for more information Two weeks ago, Deanna Carter caught the suspect with his hand in his […]

Ohio Police Officer Hospitalized After Subway Employee Drugged His Drink


A lunch break to Subway ended with a Layton City, Ohio police officer being treated for ingesting illegal drugs after a restaurant employee spiked his drink, according to police. Visit for more information Tanis Ukena, 18, is in custody at the Davis County Jail on suspicion of Surreptitious Administering of Poisonous Substance. According to […]

Watch This Trump Supporter Make Racist Comments On NY Subway


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to be a beacon of light attracting racist supporters. Visit for more information A video has surfaced of a New York City subway train passenger going into a hate-filled, ballistic rage when a fellow train rider took the last available seat. In a two-minute long video, a man in […]

Jared Fogle’s Disturbing Texts Used Against Him In Appeal

the fbi has subpoenaed lewd text messages between subways jared fogle and a former subway franchisee

Jared Fogle, former face and body of Subway, and current jailed sandwich-making pedophile, was sentenced to 15.6 years jail time, which is harsher than the maximum recommended sentence (12.5 years) in his plea deal. Visit for more information Fogle is asking for an appeals court to throw out his current sentence, but legal documents were […]

Thief Steals A Teen’s iPhone And Gets Hit By Train Minutes Later

escaping suspect struck train

Karma is undefeated, and a thief in New York found out that lesson the hard way Tuesday morning (April 5) after stealing a teenage boy’s iPhone. The New York Daily News is reporting that 33-year-old Berthony Louis allegedly swiped the teen’s phone and fled the scene, jumping onto nearby train tracks. It is then that […]

Subway Spokesperson Gains 30 Lbs. 3 Months Into Prison

jared fogle

Just three months into his 16 year prison sentence for having sex with underage prostitutes, former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle has packed on a whopping 30 pounds since starting his sentence. Visit for more information The man who gained fame by losing 200 pounds from eating exclusively Subway heroes has been using food to […]

Ex-Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle To Appeal 15 Year Sentence

subway calls the latest report on jared fogle appalling

Former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle asked a federal appeals court on Friday to shorten the more than 15-year prison sentence he received for possessing child pornography and paying for sex with underage girls. His attorney said it is wrong for his sentence to be longer than the prosecution’s 12.5-year recommendation. Visit for more information […]

Subway’s Jared Fogle Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison

subway calls the latest report on jared fogle appalling

According to a report by TMZ, a judge has sentenced former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle to 15 years in prison on the charges of child porn and child prostitution. Visit for more information What makes this case interesting is the fact the plea deal he struck was for a maximum of 12.5 years, though […]

Ex-Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Admits To Collecting Child Porn


Fogle is scheduled for sentencing November 19 on child-pornography charges and has agreed to plead guilty to allegations Visit for more information On Wednesday, Jared Fogle, the famed ex-Subway spokesman, admitted to collecting child porn and hiring underage prostitutes over a period of eight years. He was recently placed under house arrest pending a […]

Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle’s Home Raided by FBI in Child Pornography Investigation


Guess who’s not advertising $5 foot-longs anymore Visit for more information In one of the most bizarre news stories of the year, Jared Fogle, the famed spokesman and brand ambassador for Subway, has had his home raided by the FBI in connection with an alleged child pornography investigation. Early this morning, authorities entered Fogle’s […]

Man Tries To Leap Over Subway Tracks in Harlem, Fails Miserably

long jump

Visit for more information You get an A for effort, kid This one hurts, literally. Here’s a word of advice: when on the train platform, just wait for the train. Don’t push, don’t fight, and don’t try to get in touch with your inner Olympian. Or you’ll end up like this kid, who is […]

Be Careful Man-spreading On The Subway Could Get You Arrested


Visit for more information   Gentlemen prepare to bring your knees closer while you are riding on the subway through the streets of New York City Advertisement New York City is targeting a new offense on the subway, the new law has been instilled to keep passengers safe and comfortable during their ride.  “Manspreading” […]