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Waka Flocka Says He is Dedicating His Life to Suicide Prevention


Waka Flocka Flame found a new cause to put his full effort into and its something that is personal to him. The Atlanta rapper said on Twitter Monday night that he is going to join the fight for mental wellness. “I’m officially dedicating my life to suicide prevention and mental illness!!! Y’all not alone Waka […]

Nationally Recognized Children’s Advocate Gives 13 Reasons Why NOT to Attempt Suicide

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NY-based, nationally recognized children’s advocate Steve Simpson is working hard to get everyone to recognize September as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  Playing off of the popular Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, Simpson has created 13 reasons why young people should not commit suicide. Check out the following: Everybody I know who thought of suicide were […]

Facebook Plans To Use Artificial Intelligence To Help Prevent Suicide

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Mark Zuckerberg today announced Faceboook was rolling out enhanced AI to scan posts for signs of suicidal thoughts. The new system, which doesn’t rely on users to flag or report content, is set to rollout worldwide with the exception of countries in the EU, due to restrictions. The social network’s new algorithms use pattern recognition […]