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Hood Health 101: Ya Best Protect Ya Breasts

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For most women, hearing the words “Breast” and “Cancer” in the same sentence is scary. It is reported that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in the United States. Early detection though could mean survival. We have a problem, though. Many women are afraid to check their breasts because they are shook.  They are so full of fear, they […]

Hood Health 101: Deez Nuts: If Ya Got ‘Em, Get ‘Em Checked!

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In English, we say that a person has big balls. In Spanish, they may say you have “cajones”. All of those statements make a relation between manhood, masculinity and straight audacity. All of those things on the low are connected to a man’s ability to reproduce. So if you are that dude or think you’re […]

Hood Health 101: Interview With Publisher And Founder Of The “Hood Health Handbook” Dr. Supreme Understanding

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Visit for more information Check out the exclusive interview with Dr. Supreme Understanding, Supreme Design Publisher CEO and author of the Hood Health Handbook series. Learn about the inspiration behind’s Hood Health 101 from the author himself. As the longest running digital column on, Hood Health 101 has an objective to […]