Spice’s Rep Denies She Is Hospitalized With Surgery Complications


A rep for dancehall singer Spice Official denies she’s in a coma after BBL surgery complications in Dominican Republic. Visit for more information “Spice hasn’t had a heart attack, neither is she in a coma,” her booking agent Ray Alexander told Dancehall magazine after the rumors spread on social media. “Those are all lies. The rumors were caused by […]

Former Porn Star Mia Khalifa To Undergo Surgery After Hockey Puck Bursts Her Breast Implant

mia tvy

Former adult film actress turned sports presenter Mia Khalifa announced she will undergo surgery after her left breast was left “slightly deflated” by a loose hockey puck during an NHL Stanley Cup playoff match two months ago. Visit for more information The 25-year-old Lebanese-American was watching her favorite Washington Capitals when a 170-gram puck […]

Kyrie Irving used Knee Surgery as Leverage to Leave Cavaliers

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Words by Roman White Visit for more information A new report revealed that Kyrie Irving threatened to get knee surgery if the Cavaliers did not trade him during the offseason. According to, Boston Celtics Point Guard and NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving according to sources needs minor knee surgery to follow up a previous […]

Cancer Patient Receives The United States’ First Successful Penis Transplant

transplant patient

Announced Monday [May 16, 2015], a cancer patient who had his penis partially amputated has received the breakthrough of a lifetime after undergoing the United States’ first successful penis transplant in Boston, MA. Visit for more information It was four years ago that the patient, a now 64-year-old Thomas Manning, had part of his […]

Registered Nurse Assists With Emergency Surgery While Drunk


A registered nurse in Pennsylvania is being charged with recklessly endangering another person, driving under the influence of alcohol, and other counts after being caught drunk while assisting with an emergency surgery at the VA Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre, PA. Visit for more information 59 year old Richard Pieri admitted that he had been to a […]

Lil Wayne Gives Thanks After Successfully Undergoing Elbow Surgery

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Lil Wayne recently announced that he would be releasing a sequel to his critically acclaimed 2009 mixtape “No Ceilings,” which is set to be released on Thanksgiving Day. But Weezy was already in the thankful mood yesterday when he took to his Twitter account thanking his surgeon after undergoing elbow surgery. Much luv 2 Dr. […]