President Biden Announces the Killing of ISIS Leader in U.S. Counterterrorism Mission

President Biden Announces the Killing of ISIS Leader in U.S. Counterterrorism Mission

An authorized U.S. raid in Syria has killed the leader of ISIS. The leader’s name was Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi. Visit for more information “Last night at my direction, U.S. military forces successfully undertook a counterterrorism operation,” Biden said in a statement. “Thanks to the bravery of our Armed Forces, we have removed from the […]

United States Military Launches Airstrikes Against Iranian-Backed Militants in Syria

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The United States military launched an airstrike in Syria on Thursday, that targeted groups that were allegedly affiliated with an Iran-backed militia. Visit for more information Defense officials said this move, which is believed to be the first known offensive military operation carried out by the Biden administration, was in response to multiple rocket […]

ISIS Claims Responsibility For NYC Truck Attack


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a truck attack in New York City that killed eight people on Tuesday, the group’s online publication said on Thursday. Visit for more information Islamic State said in its weekly issue of Al-Naba newspaper that “the attacker is one of the caliphate soldiers”. It did not provide evidence […]

Russian Navy Launches Missiles At ISIS In Palmyra


Russia has launched cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea in a brutal strike on Islamic State (ISIS) targets near Palmyra, Syria. Visit for more information The strike is believed to have rained down four cruise missiles on an ISIS target in the region where the vile terror fighters have held intermittent control. The target […]

U.S. Launches Military Air Strike Against Syria, Over 50 Civilians Killed


A US air strike killed nearly 60 civilians, including children, in Syria on Tuesday after the coalition mistook them for Islamic State (Isil) fighters. Visit for more information Some eight families were hit as they tried to flee fighting in their area, in one of the single deadliest strikes on civilians by the alliance […]

Turkey Blames ISIS for Bombing That Killed 50 at Wedding Ceremony


A day where family and friends gathered to celebrate the new union of two people came to a horrific end as a suspected suicide bombing ripped through a street in southeastern Turkey late last night [Saturday, August 20], killing at least 50 people, and wounding over 90. Visit for more information Over 200 guests piled into […]

Be Thankful: Acknowledging The Tough Facts On World Refugee Day


World Refugee Day is a worldwide day where people honor and celebrate the strength and courage of refugees worldwide. World Refugee Day started in 2001 and takes place today [June 20] of every year. The United Nations declared this day one of observance to bring attention to the 14 million refugees around the world at that […]

Man Has Been Trapped in A Turkish Airport For An Entire Year

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369 days. That’s how long Syrian refugee, Fadi Mansour, has been trapped in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. The 28-year old law student fled Syria in 2012 when civil war broke out in hopes to seek refuge in Europe. After learning from a smuggler the easiest way to enter Europe was through Malaysia, Mansour took a leap of faith, which ultimately […]

Syrian Refugees Get Help From Law Students In Chicago


The people fleeing Syria because of the massive bombing campaign from the Syrian Government, fighting between the various groups, and the ISIS regime may receive help from law students in Chicago. Visit for more information According to various news outlets, The John Marshall Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic will offer representation to Syrians […]

Air Force Veteran Accused of Trying To Join ISIS


An Air Force veteran is accused of trying to join one of the most wanted terrorists groups in the world. Visit for more information Tairod Pugh of Neptune, NJ has officially been accused of trying to join the terror group, ISIS. Pugh was arrested in January at JFK after being kicked out of Egypt […]