T.I. Harris

Over 15 Women Accuse T.I. & Tiny of Violence & Sexual Assault

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It began as a moment of release when Atlanta native and old family friend Sabrina Peterson first accused Clifford “T.I.” Harris of holding a gun to her head when she was 28, nearly a decade and a half ago. The accusation from Peterson, who has routinely been vocal with her critique of Atlanta’s circle of […]

T.I. Writes Tiny a Spicy Yet Interesting Message in Her Comments


As of right now, Atlanta rapper T.I. may be preparing for his upcoming verzuz battle against Jeezy. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information One of T.I.’s traits is his outstanding vocabulary, the rapper went to bless his wife’s comments with an interesting way of wording how he felt. Tiny posted a throwback picture of herself to […]

T.I. Believes How a Man Acts Can Be Correlated to The Size of His Private Parts

T.I. Reportedly Joins Cast of Movie About Flint's Water Crisis

Ladies… just in case you ever wondered anything about T.I.’s sex life, Adam Corolla has opened up a pandora’s box… sharing a little about the Trap King’s bedroom game. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Tip came on The Adam Corolla Podcast to promote his new podcast ExpediTIously on Apple and wound up promoting a little […]