Samsung’s Three Variants of the Galaxy S10 Line Leaked

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As more and more people rely on their smartphones for business as well as pleasure, Samsung, one of the major players in the worldwide smartphone market, is reportedly breaking barriers based on leaked information about the Galaxy S10. Based on rumors, which have now been all but definitively confirmed, the 4G generation of  Galaxy S10 […]

Top New Tech Trends Everyone Should Watch For in 2019


The new year is upon us and for techies and average consumers alike, that means almost 365 days of possible new developments in tech- and cool gadgets. While we don’t have an iCrystalBall (yet), here are some exciting tech trends to watch for in the coming year. Visit for more information The hyper-personalization of […]

The 12 Days of….Coding? Apple Attempts to Bring Coding to the Masses This Christmas


While most malls throughout December will be filled with holiday shoppers looking for last-minute gifts and kids waiting in line to see Santa, Apple stores across the country will be hosting a different kind of holiday party- free coding classes for kids, adults, and teachers. Visit for more information Yesterday, the company announced their […]

No Car? No Problem: Lime Announced Plans for ‘Shareable’ Cars for Urban Dwellers

No Car? No Problem: Lime Announced Plans for 'Shareable' Cars for Urban Dwellers

City living can be fun- lots to do, parties almost every night, bars and restaurants within walking distance, and food delivery options for days. Yet despite even the best public transportation, sometimes a car is necessary. However, high costs of living and outrageous monthly parking rates have often discouraged city dwellers from owning a car, […]

Facebook’s New Camera Announcement is Met With Mixed Reviews

Is Facebook Getting Even Less Friendly? Social Media Giant Shuts Down Friends List Feeds Feature

In recent months, Facebook has been announcing that they want to see more of your face. On the heels of last week‘s new Nearby Friends mapping feature announcement, Facebook revealed that they’re following the leads of other tech giants such as Google and Snapchat and expanding into the hardware market with the announcement of their […]

Is Facebook’s Anticipated Update Friendlier? Or Creepier?

Is Facebook Getting Even Less Friendly? Social Media Giant Shuts Down Friends List Feeds Feature

It knows when you’ve been sleeping, it knows when you’re awake….and now Facebook is going to know where you are- and so are your Facebook friends, all thanks to Facebook’s newly designed “Nearby Friends” feature. Visit for more information While Facebook’s current Nearby Friends feature allows users to share their general location with their […]

Scoot Over: Is the Reign of the Scooter Nearing its End or Just Beginning?


Since the beginning of time (or at least since Macklemore rode his faux fur-lined coat to the thrift shop), the scooter has been a fairly popular mode of transportation amongst urban residents. In recent months, many major cities have experienced the growth of scooters overnight (literally, scooters have littered the sidewalks more than trash this […]

Beyond Solar Power: Akon’s ‘Akoin’ Aims to Build Africa’s New Economy


As globalization and technology continue to provide more opportunities for people throughout the world, a few significant challenges remain- especially in underdeveloped countries with less than stable economies and national currencies. For years, cryptocurrency experts have stressed the importance of building crypto-based economies in countries such as these (many of them in Africa). Now Akon, […]

Beyond Autotune: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

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Throughout history, innovators and philanthropists have sought out ways to help the lives of the handicapped. From the invention of sign language to high-tech wheelchairs, emerging technology has made a huge impact on the lives of disabled adults and children. And now speech assist technology is not just helping to facilitate communication for the disabled, […]

From C-Notes to Crypto: Why Cryptocurrency Could Be the Future of Hip-Hop

One of the hottest tech trends of the last few years has been the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Once relegated to techies and conspiracy theorists, cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream in a big way with millions of people dabbling in the new (and often confusing) world of virtual cash. Visit for more […]

These Earbuds Will Translate Languages For You Right On The Spot

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We are currently in an era where the focal difference between all the human families of the planet earth is how to stay on fluent accord. With the internet and technology making the world so much smaller, how can we all understand each other. Visit for more information Through mediums such as sports, politics, […]

Twitter Is Under Fire For Censoring Bisexual Photos


More than a few LGBT Twitter users were alarmed this weekend when searches for relevant terms (such as #bisexual and #gay) no longer produced results, regardless of what their content settings were. Visit for more information At the least, it made discussions unnecessarily difficult; some even accused Twitter of deliberately silencing LGBT voices. However, […]

Twitter Employee Deactivates President Trump’s Account

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s @realdonaldtrump Twitter account was deactivated by a Twitter Inc employee who was leaving the company on Thursday and was down for 11 minutes before it was restored, the social media company said. Visit for more information Trump has 41.7 million followers on Twitter and has made extensive use of it […]

LG’s Wallpaper TV Is Impossibly Thin

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Thinner is considered better when it comes to technology. Slimmer, smaller and sleeker is preferred in tech products nowadays. LG has considered this fact and in turn has created a cutting edge TV. Producing a television as thin as most smartphones, LG’s new Wallpaper TV features a 65 inch or 77 inch screen and weighs about […]