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Here’s Your Super Tuesday Recap

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The year’s biggest night in voting so far wrapped up last night [March 1, 2016], with Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump walking away with major wins in the nation’s Super Tuesday contests. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information On the Left, things remain the way many predicted, with Clinton taking the lead among older […]

Everything You Need To Know About Super Tuesday

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The biggest voting day of the 2016 presidential primary is here as 11 states and one US territory will take to the polls to take the first steps towards picking our nation’s leader as we enter into a post-Obama era. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information If the voting so far has taught us anything, it’s […]

New Hampshire Recap: Big Wins and Even Bigger Losses


On Tuesday [February 9, 2016], over half a million voters made their way to election polls to cast their ballots in the New Hampshire primaries Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information As predicted, Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R) emerged on top as the anti-establishment picks for their parties, respectively. And while the picks weren’t […]

Here’s What Happened In the Iowa Caucuses and What It All Means


Monday night [February 1, 2016], the Iowa caucuses came to a close, kicking the presidential campaign into high gear while dramatically shifting it from a race that seemed to be in favor of certain candidates to one of great uncertainty. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information A quick recap will show you Senator Bernie Sanders and […]

Meet The Rich White Guys Behind “Black Americans For A Better Future”


Most Super PACS tend to extract their funding from the pockets of white guys with an agenda. However, upon hearing the name “Black Americans For A Better Future,” one would assume that, perhaps, just maybe, a Black guy with an agenda would be behind this PAC’s inception. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information But, according to […]

Watch SNL’s Hilarious Spoof Of GOP Debate


Former Saturday Night Live cast members Amy Poehler and Tina Fey returned to host the December 19 episode of the long running sketch comedy series and it was a doozy. Bringing together past and present cast members, one of the stand out sketches was the spoof of the GOP debate. Alumni Darrell Hammond reprised his […]

Donald Trump Defends Border Wall And Muslim Ban In GOP Debate

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In last night’s GOP Debate in Las Vegas, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump continues to stand by his propositions to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to build a wall around U.S. borders to stem the flow of illegal immigrants from entering the country. “We are not talking about isolation, we are […]

Really? Ted Cruz Criticizes President Barack Obama For Racial Tension

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Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has caused quite a stir, after he made a statement about President Obama during the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event in Washington, DC. In the speech, Cruz came down hard on President Obama saying that the President… “Could have chosen to be a leader on race relations, but instead has made […]