White Supremacist and Terrorist Dylann Roof Sentence To Death

White supremacist Dylann Roof—who target murdered 9 Black Christians yet was still not charged with terrorism—has been sentenced to death for his crime. It took two hours for the 12 jurors to come to their unanimous decision. If they all were unable to agree, a life sentence would have been automatically imposed. Formal sentencing will […]

82 Abducted Girls Have Been Released After Three Years

In 2014, the Boko Haram terrorist group abducted hundreds of girls in Nigeria. According to officials 82 of the many were just recently released after negotiations between the Nigerian government and the terrorist group. The overall amount of abducted has not been confirmed but reports say that they are being held by the Nigerian military. […]

New App Lets User Keep Hidden Video, Cops Or Soldiers Can’t Get To

Mobile phones have become a weapon against the war that is going on world wide.  The war I speak of is the one between the rouge police officers, and soldiers that reside in some the most dangerous places on the globe.  Were they commit human rights crimes like it’s okay to just abuse people. A […]

Cuba to Be Removed From Terrorist List

After decades of hostility, The White House announced on Tuesday that President Obama intends to remove Cuba from the American government’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism.