The Black Opera

The Black Opera Talks New Project, Prodigy, and Battle of Old & New

the black opera

The age-old battle between the old and the new finds itself at the very center of one of Hip-Hop’s greatest debates in recent times.  While the mainstream has provided prime examples of seasoned artists evolving with the times, there remains a cluster of emcees who have chosen to stick to the formula. In truth, both […]

Take A Listen to The Black Opera’s Much Needed “African America” Album

We first premiered The Black Opera’s  “Black Frankenstein” at the end of last month, and now the Hip-Hop collective has delivered their anticipated African America album. Citing this as their “most personal and expressive” project to date, African America serves as a necessary reminder of the struggles, beauty, and triumph of Black Americans in modern times. […]

Here is A First Listen to The Black Opera’s Newest “Black Frankenstein”

Fresh off of their release of “The Black Woman is God”, Hip-Hop duo The Black Opera have returned with yet another statement in the form of “Black Frankenstein”. Just in time for Halloween, members Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend interchangeably tackle the real horrors of being Black in America. “‘Black Frankenstein’ is what black anger […]

Watch the Black Opera new Video “Talking Revolution”

  Fresh off their first European tour the eclectic collective, The Black Opera liberate a visual for “Talking Revolution”  one of the many  standout from their new album, The Great Year.  Utilizing performance footage from the group’s shows the group juxtaposes a high energy atmosphere with its prose on society.  After listening to this you’ll be frustrated the revolution […]