The College Dropout

Kanye West & EMI Settle Eight-Month-Long Publishing Lawsuit

kanye west emi settle lawsuit

Kanye West has finally closed the chapter in his relationship with publisher EMI, ending an ongoing legal dispute that started all the way back with his debut album, The College Dropout. Visit for more information WE FREE — ye (@kanyewest) December 15, 2018 Advertisement Although the tweet seen above that ‘Ye posted last year […]

Kanye West Freestyle From 2000 Surfaces the Web


For fans of the old Kanye West, a recently uncovered freestyle from the “Violent Crimes” rapper highlights him rapping more like the Freshman Adjustment Yeezy, rather than the Ye rapper of today. Visit for more information The recording, which is apparently from Sept. 22, 2000, was recorded at Kanye’s Chicago home studio and highlights […]

Hip-Hop Throwback Track Of The Week: Kanye West’s ‘All Falls Down’

Kanye West

Visit for more information The reemergence of Kanye West into the social media, and pop culture stratosphere this week has predictably caused many heads to turn. His while he sent out his usual self-help-according-to-Kanye tweets, his thoughts on Donald Trump caused a stir. So of course, there were pleads from music pundits and (some) […]

Is Kanye About To Enter The Streaming Wars?

Kanye West who gon stop me

“Stadium status. My big brother was B.I.G.’s brother. Used to be Dame and Biggs’ brother. Who was Hip-Hop brother, who was No I.D. friend. No I.D. my mentor, not let the story begin.” Visit for more information Kanye West has unapologetically blazed his path in the years following his Graduation. Becoming a father and […]

Best Hip Hop Moments in #BHM: Kanye West Releases ‘The College Dropout’

the college dropout

In honor of Black History Month, each day here at The Source we’ll be chronicling many of the best moments pertaining to Hip Hop that occurred during the meaningful month of February – celebrating the birthdays of now-legendary MCs; highlighting the most impactful album and single releases; even reminiscing on the most obscure, yet culturally-significant […]