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Trevor Noah Will Host 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

Trevor Noah Piers Morgan The Source

The Recording Academy has announced that host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central, Trevor Noah, will host the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. The Tuesday announcement comes hours before the 2021 nominees are announced via livestream on at 12 p.m. EST. Visit for more information The South Africa born comedian has hosted The […]

Trevor Noah Unveils Trump Themed Anti-Drug Spoof


Visit for more information Apparently all those really bad anti-drug commercials from the 80’s had no affect on teen drug use. Trevor Noah of The Daily Show used Donald Trump’s own words against him. Taking a jab at the president’s suggestion that we bring back the cheesy drug commercials from the 80’s, Noah came […]

Trevor Noah Gaffs on Trump’s Flip on Republicans for Gun Control

Donald Trump Gun Control The Source

Words by Nick Slay Visit for more information Donald Trump flip flops on issues more than the dice in the board game Trouble, but today he shocked lawmakers by siding with the Democrats on gun control and policy. In the wake of Nikolas Cruz gunning down 17 students and teachers, the nation has been […]