the god box

Listen to David Banner’s “The Cross,” a Leftover From ‘The God Box’

David Banner‘s The God Box album is slated to be released in February, but he’s already chosen to liberate some of the cuts that didn’t make the final tracklist, one of them being “The Cross,” which the Mississippi rapper unleashed to Soundcloud last night. The song, which is produced by Gensu Dean and features X, […]

EXCLUSIVE: David Banner Previews Politically Charged ‘The God Box’ Album

At one point, David Banner was bopping his head so hard, I was sure–despite the fact that it was snugly pulled over a healthy head of hair–that his hat was going to violently tip over onto his laptop, and unfortunately disturb the medley of iPhone chargers, cups half-full of Hennessy, and The God Box booklets strewn […]