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Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Wants to Make a Documentary About Himself

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Wants to Make a Documentary About Himself

On Friday May 25, Harvey Weinstein turned himself into to the authorities on criminal charges. Sources say before he turned himself in, he was planning a documentary that would tell his side of the story. According to the sources, Weinstein reached out to industry professionals to help him make this said film. “He wanted to […]

Harvey Weinstein Accusers Set to Take the Stand Against Him

Harvey Weinstein's Accuser's are Set to Take the Stand

Harvey Weinstein is about to get the Bill Cosby treatment. Accusers from the defamed film exec’s highly-publicized sex scandal are rounding up to take the stand against him, according to NY Post. “They want to do it like Cosby, have as many people testify just to paint the picture,” a source said. Although the media mogul has […]

JAY-Z, Eminem Sue The Harvey Weinstein Company Over Unpaid Deals

JAY Z,EminemSueTheHarveyWeinsteinCompanyOverUnpaidDeals

It’s a hard knock life for Harvey Weinstein and his production brand, The Weinstein Company. JAY-Z and Eminem are suing because they claim they’re owed $800,000 and some rights for their projects. “The Music Parties respectfully request that the Court order that the Debtors cannot transfer rights to the Music Party Repertoire unless the Debtors assume […]

JAY-Z is Reportedly Eyeing Harvey Weinstein’s Interest in The Weinstein Company

JAY ZisReportedlyEyeingHarveyWeinstein'sInterestinTheHarveyWeinsteinCompany

JAY-Z got his green eye on Harvey Weinstein’s interest in The Weinstein Company, according to TMZ. Hov and a nameless billionaire movie producer wants to buy Weinstein’s 23% interest in TWC. The mogul has previously worked with TWC and Harvey in producing The Kalief Browder Story. He also has a Trayvon Martin mini-series slated for production. […]