The Heart Pt. 6

Joe Budden Thinks He Kicked Off the ‘Take Down’ of Drake

Joe Budden Reacts to Logic’s “It Was a Good Day” Cover

Joe Budden is laying claim to starting the effort to get Drake out of the paint. Visit for more information Speaking in a Spaces conversation on X, Budden credits his onslaught of disses to Drake in 2016 as a start to the slow “take down” of Drake. Those disses, aligned with his podcast rants, […]

Cam’ron and Ma$e Currently Have Kendrick Lamar Up Over Drake in Beef

Cam'ron and Ma$e Currently Have Kendrick Lamar Up Over Drake in Beef

Like the rest of the Hip-Hop community, Cam’ron and Ma$e have been dialed into the beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake. The Is What It Is duo has Compton up in the battle. Visit for more information “I don’t like what Drake dropped last night because it wasn’t bad but I don’t like the […]

Rick Ross Reacts to Drake’s “The Heart Pt. 6”: ‘You Looking Bad’

Rick Ross Delivers Video for His "Champagne Moments" Drake Diss

Rick Ross is giving his reaction to “The Heart Pt. 6.” Hitting Instagram, Rozay spoke about the song, which features yet another jab at him. Visit for more information On the song, Drake raps, “I’ll slit your throat with the razor and do Rick Ross Air like that one flight from Malaysia.” The bar […]

Is Drake Done with Kendrick Lamar Diss Records After “The Heart Pt. 6”?

Drake Becomes First Rapper to Earn $5 Million in a Single Arena Concert

“The Heart Pt. 6” from Drake sounded like his last entry in the beef with Kendrick Lamar. He even raps in the middle of sexual assault jabs, “I don’t wanna diss you anymore, this really got me second guessing.” Visit for more information You can hear it all below. After Kendrick Lamar took Drake’s […]