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Mase Releases Diddy, DJ Khaled-Assisted Song “Rap Rushmore”

Following the hype behind his surprise diss track aimed at Cam’ron, Mase drops a new song featuring Diddy and DJ Khaled titled, “Rap Rushmore”. Visit for more information The Harlem emcee rapped over the track: “I’m Rap Rushmore/Feel like I should bust more/They lust more, I bust more/Give me brain, plus jaw / I’m the rules/I’m […]

Cam’ron Was Paid $70k for Mase Diss ‘Dinner Time’


In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Cam’ron sat down with Angela Yee and Charlamagne to tell his side about the recent battle between him and his former brother in rhyme, Mase. Visit for more information Cam doesn’t consider any song where he refers to his times with Mase as a “diss.” As […]

Cam’ron Responds To Mase’s “The Oracle” Diss Track With “Dinner Time”

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Cam’ron wasted no time clapping back at Mase’s widely spoken about diss track “The Oracle” with “Dinner Time.” Killa thoroughly responds to all of Mase’s claims including the accusations of him sleeping with his own sister and running and hiding to Orlando. Visit for more information Cam’ron boasted he doesn’t have a sister and […]

Cam’ron Previews Response Diss Track to Mase’s “The Oracle”

Cam'ron Previews Response Diss Track to Mase's "The Oracle"

Mase declared rap war on Cam’ron and The Dipset member is ready to play. Visit for more information Cam took to Instagram to tease his response to Mase’s diss track, “The Oracle”. The record opens with pastor’s sermon, mocking Mase’s alternative career route. “I ain’t got a sister. The only sister I f*cked was […]

Cam’ron Responds to Mase’s Diss: “Let’s Play”

Cam'ron Responds to Mase's Diss: "Let's Play"

Mase came out of hiding to send a few shots to fellow Harlem emcee Cam’ron. Visit for more information Mase released “The Oracle” where he called out Cam on his shady ways and discredited his gangsta. Pussy nigga wearin’ pink I guess he think he matchin’/I’ma paint the picture and let the hittas make the […]

Mase Takes Shots at Cam’ron in New Song “The Oracle”

Mase Takes Shots at Cam'Ron in New Song "The Oracle"

Fresh off The Dipset reunion, Mase releases a record, “The Oracle”, that’s aimed to Cam’ron. The Bad Boy rapper tossed around some scandalous claims that Cam may not be too happy out once he hears the song if he already hasn’t. Visit for more information He kicks off the track like: Imagine 20 years with […]