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DJ Holiday Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop at Hollipalooza ATL 2023

DJ Holiday Hollipalooza ATL 2023 Photo: Karetova

DJ Holiday’s “50 Years Of Hip Hop” Celebration: A Night to Remember Visit for more information Hip hop is more than just music. It’s a culture, a movement, a way of life. And on September 28, 2023, Atlanta’s The Bank Event Center hosted a night to celebrate it all: DJ Holiday’s “50 Years of […]

A Hustler’s Prayer: Donius “Woodrow” Woods Shares His Journey of Making Something Out of Nothing

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Nowadays we hear people boast stories of their perseverance with metaphors as “got it out the mud” or “started from the bottom”, but some have seldom experienced real poverty. Donius “Woodrow” Woods was born to teenage parents in the Mississippi Delta which is poorest region in the poorest state in the United States. Visit […]

The Source Will Be Outside For The Return Of SxSw 2022

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SxSw Music Festival in Austin is considered one of the biggest music events in America, and The Source will be there with a strong presence. Visit for more information From March 16–19, 2022 in Austin, TX, The Source will provide media coverage for these unofficial curated music stages such as Streets Verified Concert, DJ Holiday’s Hollipalooza, […]