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Whoopi Goldberg and The Ladies of ‘The View’ Check Donald Trump Jr.

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The View is known for creating interesting political dialogue. Mostly because Whoopi and her crew won’t allow anyone to get on the platform and bull crap the American people. On Thursday, Nov. 7th, Donald Trump Jr. came on the show and tried to push his book and protect his father’s legacy. Wrong decision… wrong, wrong, […]

Whoopi Goldberg is Recovering From a Serious Bout With Pneumonia

A host of ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg has been away from the daytime talk show since February 5. The co-host of The View confirmed the seriousness of the illness that she is dealing with. Goldberg has been battling pneumonia and the due to the complications, reportedly was near death. After being away for so […]

Tracy Morgan Shares Story of Morgan Freeman Slapping Him in the Face

Tracy Morgan Shares Story of Morgan Freeman Slapping Him in the Face

Tracy Morgan shared that sometimes his mouth can get him into trouble. The comedian shared a story on Monday’s episode of The View, saying that he talked so much during dinner with Morgan Freeman that Freeman introduced his five fingers to Morgan’s face. I was in the house with my baby. I’m looking at TV, watching […]

Gabrielle Union Talks Raising Young Black Men in America

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Words by Shurida Lundi Being Black in America. An issue that African-Americans will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Black men and women suffer for the color of their skin and have to watch what they say, their actions, where they go and so much more. The author of We’re Going […]

HERSource: Whoopi Goldberg Will Return To ‘The View’

One of the most popular daytime shows in America will have a familiar face returning this fall: Whoopi Goldberg. Entering her eleventh season on the show, Goldberg, the show’s moderator and pundit will grace the ABC stage in the show’s twenty-one year run on the network. Goldberg’s return is huge for the network because of […]

Raven Symone: I will Leave The U.S. If A Republican Is Nominated For President


Raven Symonè is well known for idiotic comments, but now when other peple say stupid dthings, her name should be the catchphrase.. Thursday on ABC’s The View, former Cosby kid Raven Symonè said she would leave the United States for Canada if a Republican is “nominated.” She better start packing her bags because i’m pretty […]

ICYMI: Raven-Symone Calls Beyoncé’s “Formation” Hilarious

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At this point we all know Raven-Symoné doesn’t mind getting sent for—which is why she continues to go against the grain. Case in point: her calling Beyoncé’s new “Formation” song and video “hilarious.” Yes, Raven thought the video was funny. Interesting choice of words since most of us found it, you know, empowering. Raven offered […]

A Petition to Remove Raven-Symone From ‘The View’ Has Over 120,00 Signatures

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For months, Raven-Symone has been in the headlines for her controversial, prejudiced comments made on The View, and elsewhere, like her infamous comments on Oprah‘s OWN network, and people are beginning to take both notice, and action. A petition to remove the former Disney  and The Cosby Show star from the popular daytime talk show […]

Raven-Symone Says More Stupid Stuff on ‘The View’

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Raven-Symone, former network TV darling and cable TV superstar, has long been considered a lost soul. Her current TV stardom comes from her post on The View, the gossipy daytime talk show that attacks the day’s hot topics with fervor and personal anecdotes, the latter of which Symone is rarely short on. Continuing her unfortunate […]

Former ‘View’ Co-Host Says Black Lives Matter Movement Is a Hate Group

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The former co-host of ABC’s The View is under fire Tuesday for suggesting that the activist movement, Black Lives Matter, is a hate group. While interviewing writer Kevin Jackson for her show Fox and Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked Jackson, “why has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified as a hate group? How much […]

Kelly Osbourne Makes Racist Comments About Latinos on ABC’s the View


  “If you kick all Latinos out of this country, who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump” – Kelly Osbourne — Karεn Ciѵil (@KarenCivil) August 4, 2015 Donald Trump has, unfortunately, been the topic of conversation since he made rude comments about people of Mexican descent when he announced his intent […]

“Black People Straighten Their Hair Every Day,” Says Raven Symone in Defense of Ex-NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal

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Whoopi Goldberg and Raven-Symone defended former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal on Monday’s “The View.” Both Goldberg and Raven-Symone said during the Hot Topics section of the show that they didn’t see anything wrong with Dolezal pretending to be a black woman. “If she wants to be black, she can be black,” said Goldberg, adding, “Look, just like people say, ‘I […]