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‘The Walking Dead’ Actor, Moses J. Moseley Found Dead At Age 31

Moses J Moseley

Moses J. Moseley is dead at the age of 31. The young actor known for playing one of Michonne’s zombie “pets” on The Walking Dead and also appeared on Watchmen and Queen of the South. Visit for more information TMZ reported Tuesday that Moseley was found Dead in Stockbridge, Georgia last Wednesday. According to […]

POP by Foot Locker Gets Dead Fresh On a PUMA x ‘The Walking Dead’ Collab

pop by foot locker puma the walking dead capsule

POP by Foot Locker — the global sportswear retailer’s latest activation that merges the worlds between pop culture and sneakers — is giving fans of AMC’s nine-season-long hit television series The Walking Dead a real treat in the form of a capsule collection that includes the PUMA GV Special sneaker and another item that fans […]

Fans React Because Danai Gurira Wasn’t Credited on ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Poster

The anticipation for the Avengers sequel is building and fans noticed that something was off about the movie’s new poster. Visit for more information Danai Gurira appears in the film and on the poster as Black Panther’s Okoye, however she’s the only actor not listed at the top. Even Bradley Cooper received his credit […]

The Walking Dead Season 7 Sneak Peek


Visit for more information   This Sunday, The Walking Dead returns with Season 7 after a long hiatus and a nerve wracking cliffhanger. Advertisement The top rated original cable series on AMC left viewers with a long awaited introduction of the newest villain on the show—Negan.  Surrounded by a volatile new group, Rick and […]

Recap: AMC’s The Walking Dead Gets “Twice As Far” from Peace

twd f

Spoiler alert! Visit for more information AMC’s The Walking Dead enters its final three episodes of the season, and things have become more dire than ever before between Negan and Alexandria. Advertisement Trepidation ran high immediately the moment Denise, the only doctor in Alexandria wanted to get out into the zombie world to find […]

Recap: AMC’s The Walking Dead Gets Darker and Bloodier in “Same Boat”

twd  melissamcbride

Spoiler Alert! Visit for more information In this week’s episode of the AMC’s The Walking Dead, Maggie and Carol are still being held captive by the group of Saviors, and the last of their morality faces a dark path. The female dominated episode dives into the psyche of captives, as they face almost certain […]

Zombies Hit The High Seas in New ‘Fear The Walking Dead Trailer’

We’re one month away from season 2 of AMC‘s The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. The newest trailer shows Travis and the gang fending off the undead both on land and in the ocean. A large portion of the second season will take place on the yacht found in the finale of season one, according to show […]

Here Are Over One Hundred ‘Walking Dead’ Facts You Never Knew


Visit for more information Anyone who has followed The Walking Dead since season one knows that the show has come a long way from it’s inaugural season. It’s maturation is evident in the storytelling, how its shot and the many subtle details that, when unearthed make the show that much enthralling. With Walking Dead Day approaching, the folks […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Book Characters Worth Looking Forward To On The Show


MAJOR Spoilers. Visit for more information The Walking Dead comic book series has been lauded for depicting such a fantastical concept as a zombie apocalypse, with an unparalleled sense of realism. The comic pushes each character to their moral limit, with many lose-lose situations peppering the Rick and the gang’s path. This is why the AMC version works […]

Man Kills Friend After Watching The Walking Dead

walking dead

It’s no secret that half, if not all of America, are major fans of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead. Lots of people tune in every Sunday to see what will happen next, but one man was such a huge fan that he killed his friend. Visit for more information According to reports, 23-year-old Damon […]

These Are The Titles Being Added to Netflix for September 2015


September is here, which means Fall is swiftly approaching.  Now regardless of your stance on “Netflix and chill”, the streaming site’s catalog is receiving many notable additions, that will appease even the solo Netflix watcher. New seasons of television shows such as: The Walking Dead (Season  5), Gotham (Season 1), The Following (Season 3) and The […]

#PeepTheVisual: Slim Sky View Presents – ‘The Walking Dead’


Straight outta Bedstuy, Brooklyn, Slim Sky View, is back with the visual to his latest single “The Walking Dead”. The young boy is definitely talking that ish and with hard hitting production by SterCity, he consisely goes in and lets off on every scrub who doesn’t live what they claim. Slim has the instinctive ability […]