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An A to Z Index of All of the Television Shows That Have Been Cancelled or Renewed

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Nothing stays the same and all things come to an end; these just the facts of life. As we approach the halfway mark for 2015, many broadcast, cable and digital networks, have begun to announce the renewal and cancellation of prominent television series in their roster. Fans of FOX‘s The Following for example will be heartbroken (but probably not […]

New Trailer Alert: The Walking Dead Returns 2/8!

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Our favorite show is back and promises more action packed drama and deteriorating zombies, check out the new ‘The Walking Dead’ Trailer for the return of season 5 below! Visit for more information

‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Talks Differences Between Main Series And Upcoming Spin-Off

The Walking Dead

Details about Cobalt, the upcoming Walking Dead spin-off series have been steadily revealed, and the latest comes directly from the comic book creator and show producer, Robert Kirkman. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Kirkman took some time out to drive home the fact that Cobalt will be “different” … by using the word half a dozen times. I will say […]

The Walking Dead Spinoff Series Gets Lead Characters, And A Few More Details

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Months after the announcement of The Walking Dead companion series, details are finally beginning to roll out. The series will be titled Cobalt and will take place in Los Angeles. Cobalt exists within the same Walking Dead universe as the main series with an entirely different cast, headed by Cliff Curtis in the male lead role (Live Free or Die Hard, Blow, Training Day). Curtis […]

The Walking Dead Recap!

Visit for more information   The Walking Dead gave us even more gore and drama in episode 5, Season 5. Here are’s top moments!   Advertisement 1.  The bus crew is on their way to Washington DC to save the world when they literally hit a bump in the road and their escape […]

The Walking Dead Recap!

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The Walking Dead continued last night with extreme gore and surprise tactics leaving us wondering if transitioning to being a vegan is the way to go. Here are ‘s top moments of season 5 episode 3! Visit for more information 1. Gareth decides to explain to Bob why the Terminus group grilled his […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Top Burning Questions!

Visit for more information Last night’s explosive episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ left us all stunned as 2 of the groups youngest members meet their shocking demise! Season 4, Episode 14 left us wondering why, why, why? …Here’s’s most burning questions! 1. As the 5-some continue down the road to Terminus, Carole, Tyreese, […]

The Walking Dead Ep: 10 Recap–Where Are They Now?

Visit for more information Last night’s thrilling episode of The Walking Dead gave fans exactly what they were looking for in a ‘Where Are They Now’ theme. Here are’s top hair raising moments! 1. Beth and Daryl run away from the prison and collapse from exhaustion. Beth recites one of her journal entries […]

Recap: The Walking Dead is Back With A Vengeance!

Visit for more information   Last night The Walking Dead returned with a bang giving us the same shocking surprises that has us all tuning in.  Herschel is dead, the group is broken up and oh yeah, ‘Where’s Carol‘ ?  Here are’s top 10 surprising revelations about the return of the best show […]

The Shocking Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead!

Visit for more information Last night’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead left us all crying like Florida Evans when James died…’Why?! Why?! Whyyyy?!’ The Walking Dead gave us all what we were looking for wrapped up in one season. Zombies, grenades, tanks, and fatalities led the mid-season episode. Here’s the top shocking moments […]

Outrageous Moments from last night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Visit for more information Top 10 Most Confusing Moments on last night’s episode 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’! Last night, hip hop’s favorite zombie show left us dazed and confused. From Herschel’s death wish to Carl and Rick taking out a swarm of walkers, some things just didn’t add up in the after world. […]

Trailer Premiere: A Whole New Chapter For The Walking Dead

Visit for more information Season 4 of The Walking Dead premieres October 13 AMC’s critically acclaimed and “Undisputed King Of Cable TV” makes its grand return this October and it appears that the relentless drama series will continue to have its hand tightly gripped around the heart of the fans. The fourth season pits […]