the notorious b.i.g.

The Notorious B.I.G’s Daughter T’yanna Tattoos “B.I.G.” On Her Lip

Smiles every time my name is on… and my daughters lip. T’yanna Wallace opted to get a second tattoo in memory of her father. Unlike the Notorious B.I.G. angel tattoo she inked last year, this time T’yanna decided to get the lip tattoo. The growing trendy lip tattoo is known to fade over time. […]

Happy 40th Birthday, Notorious B.I.G.: Ms. Wallace Talks About His Legacy

May 21, 2012 marks the day that the Notorious B.I.G. would have turned 40, if not for the tragic murder he fell victim to back in 1997. The Source recognizes the contributions that B.I.G. made to Hip-Hop, in life and in death. In an exclusive interview with The Source recently, Ms. Wallace talked about her […]

Scarface and Ms. Wallace Talk Platinum League Trading Cards

The Platinum League Trading Cards are giving Hip-Hop fans more to collect than just music. Texas-based Green Media is the company responsible for this new product, proving the high-profile celebrity status of our own Hip-Hop artists. “The cards are kid-friendly, and if it’s going to be kid-friendly, I’m so thrilled about it,” says Ms. Wallace […]