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On the Rise: Meet Emerging “Color Theorist” Film Director, Nef Film


Nef Film is a one of the kind female director on the rise who embodies her fascination with motion pictures. Passionate about her interests, she eventually moved from her hometown in Maryland to New York for film school. Visit for more information Once established in the city and introduced to other talented filmmakers, Nef […]

Know The Ledge: Understanding Copyright Infringement

copyright infringement

Ever put your creative juices into a music project only for someone else to run off with your work and profit from it?  Have you turned on the radio only to hear your lyrics or musical composition being played, while still not receiving a check? Has it troubled you to see a painting of yours […]

NBA Bound: Why Melo Trimble won’t be returning for his Junior season

isu vs maryland rs  f

Sorry to say University of Maryland faithfuls—Melo Trimble is headed to the league. It’s not because he’s no longer happy, it’s simply because the game is not a challenge for him at the collegiate level. Aside from the lure of the greenbacks beginning to fill his account, he is head and shoulders above the student-athlete. Visit […]

WE-tv’s ‘Sisters-in-Law’ Bursts Onto The Scene With Series Premiere

sil keyart

Yesterday evening [Thursday, March 24] WE-tv premiered its new unscripted and powerful docu-series, Sisters In Law. Visit for more information The show captures the legal worlds of six female attorneys of African-American descent based in Houston, Texas. Jolanda Jones, Vivian King, Rhonda Wills, Juanita Jackson, Monique Sparks and Tiye Foley allow the cameras to […]

Three Suspects Identified In Brussels Terror Attack


It has now been reported that at least 31 people are dead and more than 270 are injured from the Brussels bombings that occurred yesterday [Tuesday, March 22]. Visit for more information Allegedly, three Belgian terror suspects have been identified as brothers Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui. According to The Guardian, the […]

HERSource Salutes: Lil Kim


HERSource is bringing in Women’s History Month with a fun photo series featuring some of the most legendary women in Hip Hop. In celebration of the ladies’ contributions to the music and culture, we revamped their iconic images featuring different models for a new editorial shoot we’ll be rolling out each day this week. Visit […]

World Wide Woman: British Media Maven Jasmine Dotiwala Is One Of Hip Hop Culture’s Most Important Voices


Jasmine Dotiwala is a dynamic woman who defines herself as a “global fly girl with vision.” She’s one of today’s most loved international media mavens, with an extended background in TV, print/digital press and radio. Visit for more information Based in West London, Dotiwala has been involved in a variety of major news platforms […]

Know The Ledge: The Keys to Good Credit

good credit

Want to move into that plush house? Want to cop that fly whip? Feeling like hollering at your bank to receive a loan for your new business? Guess what you’ll need for either of those to happen? Good credit. Visit for more information Keep these points to credit success in mind as you look […]

If Sam Bradford Were African-American, Would Eagles Have Extended Long-Term Offer?

Although there has a been a progression of the quality of play from African-American quarterbacks with the recent successes of Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor and others, there still appears to be some favoritism that favors the white quarterback in the NFL when talking a long-term deal. Visit for more information […]

Esther Jones: The Real Inspiration Behind Betty Boop


Betty Boop: ever wondered the inspiration behind her? Though portrayed as a voluptuous, innocent-eyed cartoon vixen, Esther Jones is the most legitimate link to the famed animated character. Visit for more information In the spirit of Black History Month, homage should be given to Ms. Jones. In the 1920s, her “baby” singing style gave […]

Get To Know: Meet Stunning New Beauty, Ohwawa


Destiny Owusu, also known as “Ohwawa,” is considered one of the new emerging faces of ethnic beauty. This melanin queen is a model of Ghanaian descent from Virginia, gracefully creating a noteworthy platform with her captivating image in the commercial and high fashion world. Visit for more information Known on social media for her […]

Event Review: Electric Circus’s Concert For The Youth featuring Lil Yachty

Last night [Tuesday, February 23] The Marlin Room at New York City’s Webster Hall held “The Players Ball: For The Youth,” conducted by Electric Circus. The organization’s founder Shabazz is a key director in providing platforms to showcase rising talent in the industry. Visit for more information Following the line-up of preceding successful events, […]

[Video] New York City ‘Supreme’ Enthusiasts Line Up For SS 2016 Collection


The frenzied launch of Supreme’s SS16 collection took place yesterday [Thursday, February 18] at its flagship Lafayette Street location in Soho, New York. Visit for more information Doors opened at 11am and dedicated shoppers of all ages came out to collect the limited, house brand street wear. Lines during these collection releases are known […]

Get Ready For Fashion Week London AW16

london fashion week logo

As New York’s fashion season wraps up for now, the extravaganza moves over to London. Beginning tomorrow [Friday, February 19], the celebrated showcasing will run until next Tuesday featuring top designer names and their AW16 collections. Visit for more information The show tickets are very much exclusive, typically invite-only for industry insiders. The British […]

Women’s Fashion Week Highlight: Gypsy Sport FW16


Visit for more information Shot by Joerese Anderson The epic sportswear brand, Gypsy Sport, came back for a second look with the new women’s apparel for the season. The event took place yesterday evening at the grand Milk Studios in New York City, featuring a number of eccentric looks worn by both female and […]

Are “Fight Clubs” A Way To Cure Street Violence?


“Father killed on porch while waiting for son,” “75-year old woman mugged after returning from supermarket,” and “Teen shot and killed as a form of gang retaliation” are common themes that emblazon headlines on a daily basis. The more we see them, the more society becomes desensitized to them. And the more society becomes desensitized […]

Know The Ledge: Music Publishing 101

Music Publishing

You’ve written your song, want it to be blasted worldwide, and you’re ready for the money to start rolling in. Outside of doing shows, touring and the music “hustle,” how does a musician maximize their earning potential? Queue the entry and importance of music publishing. Visit for more information PUBLISHING OVERVIEW Publishing is the […]

Bitcoins: The Digital Currency Of The Future?


Bitcoins? The idea of the newly developed digital currency still confuses many and can make even some of the smartest people dizzy at the thought. Visit for more information Created in 2009, the digital currency is gaining fans as it eliminates the “middle man,” also known as the banking industry. This means users of […]