Lollapalooza 2018: Chicago Increases Police Presence

Security will be upgraded for this year’s Lollapalooza, which begins Thursday at Grant Park. The enhancements, which will include bag restrictions, more cops, and screenings similar to airports, come in the wake of October’s deadly mass shooting during a Las Vegas outdoor concert. The shooter in that tragedy also had booked a hotel room overlooking […]

Media Personalities Leaving Twitter Because Of Personal Threats

Twitter Bird

High-profile journalists are saying they might leave Twitter after tweets attacking them and family members. Visit for more information The latest controversy is underscoring how the popular social media platform has become toxic in the current political climate. CNN reporter and commentator Chris Cillizza tweeted on Sunday that he was “about done” with Twitter, […]

Colorado School District Threat Causes Canceled Classes

Colorado School District Threat

Officials of a small school district in Colorado, outside of Denver, canceled classes on Monday [February 22] after there was a “threat of significant violence” was cited, according to Reuters. Visit for more information According to reports, “Ellicott School District 22 said in statements on its website and Facebook page that it was working […]

Latest Islamic State Video Has A New ‘Jihadi John’

New ISIS leader

News outlets have been comparing a recent spectacle to the work of Jihadi John, even though nothing has been confirmed, after a new video was released of five alleged British spies being killed at the hands of a man speaking with a British accent, according to the Chicago Tribune. Visit for more information The […]