Today in Hip Hop History: Clipse Release ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ 10 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history Virginia Beach’s own Clipse released the sophomoric LP Hell Hath No Fury. Coming a whole four years after their celebrated, chart-topping debut Lord Willin’, Hell Hath No Fury did everything but disappoint. Produced exclusively by fellow Virginia Beach natives, The Neptunes, this album builds on Clipse’s unique take on mafioso rap culture. The […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Snoop Dogg Releases ‘Doggystyle’ 23 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history one of rap musics most iconic and recognizable figures, Snoop Doggy Dogg, began his illustrious career releasing his debut LP Doggystyle. With his only prior features coming on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Doggystyle gave a full introduction to an already well liked and familiar character. Produced exclusively by Dr. Dre, this […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Wu-Tang Clan Released “The W” 16 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history Wu-Tang Clan releases their third studio LP The W. As the follow up to the immensely successful Wu-Tang Forever, this album fell a little short of its predecessors success but continued in growing the Wu’s legacy as a whole. At the time of the album’s production and release, Wu-Tang member […]

Today in Hip Hop History: MF DOOM Releases ‘MM…FOOD’ 12 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history independent underground legend MF DOOM released his fifth studio album, second under the name MF DOOM, MM…FOOD. Riddled with metaphors comparing the rap game to a fine dinning experience, MM…FOOD is another notch on DOOM’s belt of eclectic hit albums. As the well awaited follow-up to his debut mixtape Operation Doomday, MM…FOOD does […]

Happy Birthday Ol’ Dirty Bastard: ODB’s Most Memorable Moments


On this day Hip Hop history we celebrate the birth of one of the culture brightest stars, the late-great Ason Jones better known as the Ol’ Dirty Bastard. To Hip Hop, Dirt Dog was more than a rapper. His personality and ostentatious demeanor were representative of the soul of Hip Hop. He did not let the […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Method Man Releases ‘Tical’ 22 Years

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On this day in Hip Hop history Method Man released his debut solo LP Tical. Sticking to RZA‘s plan on industry domination, Method was the first to roll out his solo LP after the ridiculous success group debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). In the early years of the Wu, Method Man had grown become the public face […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Jay-Z Releases ‘The Black Album’ 13 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history Brooklyn’s own Jay-Z released he would-be retirement album The Black Album. Although there was virtually no pause between The Black Album and new Jay-Z music (collaboration albums with both R. Kelly and Linkin Park were released the following year), this album is easily the greatest retirement project of all time. In it’s […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Goodie Mob Releases ‘Soul Food’ 21 Years Ago


On this day in Hip Hop history one of Atlanta’s oldest collectives, Goodie Mob, stepped on the scene with their hit debut  Soul Food. As the second release by Georgia’s own Dungeon Family collective, Soul Food confirmed that the south truly had something to say. In the early 90’s, southern Hip Hop’s appeal was purely commercial. Club […]

Today in Film History: ‘Belly’ is Released in Theaters 18 Years Ago

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On this day in film history Hype Williams‘ 1998 masterpiece Belly was released in theaters. Starring New York legends Nas and DMX, Belly follows the life and times of Tommy Bunds (DMX) and Sincere (Nas). The two get by as run-of-the-mill professional criminals ducking and dodging their way to their idea of a better life. […]

Happy Birthday Sticky Fingaz!

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Today in Hip Hop history we celebrate the birth of one of the culture’s most under-rated icons, Sticky Fingaz. As a rapper, actor, producer, and film director, Sticky has had his fingers in many different aspects of rap culture. Since his career began, in 1988 with Onyx, Sticky Fingaz’s hard work and determination has kept him […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Ma$e Releases ‘Harlem World’ 19 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop History Ma$e releases his debut solo album Harlem World. As a quintessential Harlem album, Harlem World introduces a new side of Harlem rap. Before this project, it was common knowledge that the residents of Harlem were a little more, brash, flamboyant, and braggadocios than the rest of the Big Apple, but it had […]

Today in Film History: ‘Krush Groove’ Hits Theaters 31 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop film history, one of the most popular rap movies of the 1980’s, Krush Groove, was released in theaters. Produced by Michael Schultz and Russell Simmons, the film chronicled the life and times of Russell Walker (the fictional representation of Russell Simmons) as he is working to build his powerhouse […]

Today in Hip Hop History: Common Releases ‘Resurrection’ 22 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop history Chicago legend, Common, released his sophomore LP Resurrection. Produced completely by No I.D., this album was a fitting follow up to Common’s debut Can I Borrow A Dollar. Structurally, the album was split down the middle into two sections. The first half was the “East Side of Stony” and the second […]

Happy Birthday Madlib, The Man of Many Faces!

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Producing is a hallowed art form. The beat is Hip Hop’s life and soul, serving as a catalyst allowing an MC to reach the hearts and minds of their supporters. The yin to an MC’s lyrical yang, production is equally as important to rap as the rapper, although rarely recognized as such. On this day in […]

Today in Hip Hop History: The Firm Releases Debut “The Album” 19 Years Ago

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On this day in Hip Hop History New York based super group The Firm released the sole studio album, The Album. As a collaborative effort made by Nas, Aftermath label-head Dr. Dre, and marketing genius Steve Stoute, The Album was designed to boast the commercial and mainstream appeal of four of New York’s most prolific MC’s: Nas, Foxy Brown, AZ, […]

Happy Birthday Snoop Dogg: Ten Best Snoop Dogg Videos

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On this day in Hip Hop history we celebrate the birth of one of Hip Hop and pop culture’s most recognizable icons, Snoop Doggy Dogg. Uncle Snoop was born Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. in Long Beach, California in 1971. Since then he has risen to become a household name of Hip Hop. His image and […]