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Acquittal of Cleveland Officer Michael Brelo Intensifies Protests

Officer Michael Brelo’s acquittal has led to an uproar and growth in Cleveland protests, which has led to 71 arrests Officer Michael Brelo was the only officer accused of the voluntary manslaughter of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in 2012 and as of Saturday he was acquitted.  With the rising tension and growing awareness of police brutality across America, Brelo’s […]

Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo Found Not Guilty Of Voluntary Manslaughter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJlLCDM3uYA Cleveland officer Michael Brelo comes away today scott free, being found not guilty in the killing of two African-Americans A Cleveland judge found Michael Brelo not guilty on both counts of felony voluntary manslaughter for the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Melissa Williams. Judge John P. O’Donnell is quoted as saying, “The state did […]