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[WATCH] Tony Rock Calls Cap to Will’s Attempt to Apologize

Tony Rock Calls Cap to Will’s Attempt to Apologize

According to Tony Rock, Chris Rock’s brother, Will Smith’s public statement that he intends to repair his relationship with Chris is all fake.  Visit for more information Shortly following the “slap that was heard all around the world” after last year’s Oscars, Will reportedly “reached out to Chris and the response that Will received was that he’s not […]

[WATCH] Twitter Roasts Chris Rock After Old Videos Resurface Of Him Shading Black Women

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Last week Chris Rock’s brother Tony Rock came to Chris’s defense after he was slapped by Will Smith at the Academy Awards for disrespecting Jada Pinkett-Smith. Visit for more information After watching the world go through a phase of ‘protect the black woman’ it was interesting to see the response after a man well…protected […]

Chris Rock’s Brother Tony Rock Doesn’t Accept Will Smith’s Apology

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Diddy said that Chris Rock and Will Smith were still good following the slap heard around the world, but his brother comedian Tony Rock said don’t break out the olive branches just yet. Visit for more information Chris Rock’s younger sibling Tony Rock held a Q&A on Twitter yesterday, where he answered questions about […]

D-Dot: The Greatest Rappers of All Time had Bars Written For Them


Legendary Music Producer D-Dot had a lot to say on the Drink Champs Podcast from Tuesday regarding artists writing their own lyrics. The guests of the podcast were discussing the beef between Meek Mill and Drake from the root of the issue to the actual records to two prominent MC’s dissed each other. Visit […]

Tony Rock is Set to Host New BET Series ‘Black Card Revoked’

Tony Rock has been tapped to host forthcoming BET television series Black Card Revoked. Visit for more information Black Card Revoked is a nostalgia-filled game show which tests your knowledge on pop culture, entertainment, politics, and historic facts from a Black person’s perspective. Each episode will have three teams, each with a celebrity and […]

Tony Rock Says Steve Harvey’s Wife Was A Mistress


Who knows what Steve Harvey expected from the Black community when he decided to meet with President Trump, but it’s for certain that if he knew his marriage was game, he might have sat this election out. Visit for more information In a serious, yet hilarious tirade, comedian Tony Rock, brother of Chris Rock, […]