Senate Votes That Trump’s Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional

Donald Trump Reportedly Teases 2024 Presidential Run at CPAC

The Senate voted that the former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional, despite pushback from Tump’s lawyer and some republicans. According to CNN, six GOP voted in support of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, despite calls from some Republicans to dismiss proceedings. Visit for more information The six senators are: Bill Cassidy Susan Collins […]

Lil Wayne Releases First Post-Pardon Single “Ain’t Got Time”

Lil Wayne

Weezy F Baby and the F is for Federal Freedom. Lil Wayne is a free man and is back to what he does best, rapping. In the opening bars of his new release “Ain’t Got Time,” Wayne addresses the situation that is now behind him. Visit for more information The new single features Fousheé […]

“High Profile Rappers” Expected To Be in Trump’s Pardon List

Donald Trump Reportedly Teases 2024 Presidential Run at CPAC

Maybe Lil Wayne will catch a break. CNN reports President Trump is set to release a sweeping list of presidential pardons and commutations before the final day of his presidency. The list is expected to include around 10 names and will happen on the final full day. Visit for more information “Everything is a […]

Trump Administration Executes Dustin Higgs Days Away From Inauguration

Trump Administration Executes Dustin Higgs Days Away From Inauguration

Dustin Higgs was executed on Friday, marking the 13th person to be executed under the Trump administration. Visit for more information The 48-year-old maintained his innocence about his alleged involvement in the kidnapping and murder of three women in 2000. From CNN: Advertisement The tone of his voice was calm but defiant as he […]

WATCH: Trump Impeachment in the House Following Capitol riots

Donald Trump Confirms He's Not Attending Joe Biden's Inauguration

President Donald Trump is facing a second impeachment after the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. The House of Representatives convened Wednesday afternoon to vote on an article of impeachment against Trump for “incitement of insurrection” in encouraging his supporters to march on the Capitol last Tuesday. Visit for more information During the house debates, […]

[WATCH] Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts Trump Following Capitol Attacks

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is no fan of the capitol riots last week and even blasted Donald Trump’s job as president. Visit for more information The former California governor and famed actor hit Twitter to release a statement following the attack last week. “We need to heal, together, from the drama of what has just happened,” Schwarzenegger […]

Freddie Gibbs Pokes Fun at Trump, Floats the Idea of Presidential Only Fans

Freddie Gibbs is Willing to Bury Beef with Jeezy, But Not Akademiks

Maybe Freddie Gibbs should be President Trump’s new chief of staff. Over the weekend Trump was banned across almost every platform imaginable, except for Only Fans. Visit for more information Hitting Twitter, cause he still has access, Gibbs pokes fun at Trump by suggesting he start an Only Fans. It’s a joke, a slight […]

Trump Admits Defeat in New Video Released Day After Capitol Attack

Trump Says He Plans to Ban TikTok

After months of denial of election results, inciting a domestic terrorist attack, and abandonment by his cabinet, President Trump has admitted defeat in the 2020 election. Visit for more information The return of Trump to Twitter came in a video, in which he conceded the election for the first time and committed to a […]

Michelle Obama Pens Statement on Capitol Riots

Fans React to Former First Lady Michelle Obama Book Tour Ticket Prices

After witnessing the damage done on Capitol Hill, Former First Lady Michelle Obama released a statement. Visit for more information The opening words of the message shined a light on what should have been a day of celebrating history made in Georgia, however, was stolen due to traitors of America. “I woke up yesterday […]

Hip-Hop Community Reacts to Anarchy at Capitol

Family of Capitol Rioter Who Was Killed During Insurrection To Sue Capitol Police For $10 million

The events surrounding the presidential election certification have left one woman dead, countless people injured, and the nation’s capitol in disarray as mobs of protestors rushed the capitol building in DC, temporarily halting the election certification process. Politicians from both sides of the aisle took to social media to express their outrage- as did celebrities […]

Rep. Ilhan Omar is Preparing Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

trump confederate statue

After a day of chaos at the nation’s capitol, there is renewed energy on Articles of Impeachment against President Trump in his last two weeks in office. The initiative is led by United States Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). Visit for more information “I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be […]

Woman Rioter Shot and Killed During Attempt to Storm House Chambers


During the “Stop the Steal” rally turned riot that was instigated by President Trump and carried out by his supporters and white supremacists, one woman was shot and killed. That woman was Ashli Babbit, an Air Force veteran from California, who was part of the rioters who forced their way into the building. Visit […]

President Trump to Rioters: “We Love You. You Are Very Special.”

Trump Speaks in Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Protestors in Kenosha

After a day of chaos and disruption of democracy which he caused, President Trump issued a message to his rioters calling for them to “go home.” Visit for more information The message comes after the capital building was destroyed, a woman was shot, the democratic process was halted and more, however, Trump would not […]

Mob of Rioters Storm Capitol Building in D.C. Stopping Electoral Vote Count

Family of Capitol Rioter Who Was Killed During Insurrection To Sue Capitol Police For $10 million

In an unprecedented scene, tens of thousands of supporters of President Trump gathered and stormed the Capitol building. With Trump, confederate flags, and more waving in the rea, the mob pushed through Capitol barriers, fought with police and security, and stormed the House floor. Visit for more information CNN reports at the front door […]

Trump Captured on Tape Pressuring GA Secretary of State to ‘Find’ Votes

Trump Says He Plans to Ban TikTok

With less than three weeks left in his term, audio of President Trump threatening the Georgia Secretary of State was released by The Washington Post. Visit for more information The president is heard on the audio demanding Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to overturn Biden’s win in the state. The […]

Trump Calls for Credit of Coronavirus Work to be Given to Him and Not Dr. Fauci

Dr. Fauci Saved Christmas By Giving Vaccine to Santa Claus

While he is trying to heist the Georgia election results by threats against the Secretary of State, Trump is also expressing his insecurity over the praise Dr. Fauci is receiving for battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for more information Trump hit Twitter on Sunday and once again blasted Fauci for attempting to save lives. […]

President Trump Signs Coronavirus Relief Bill, Includes $600 Direct Payments

Trump Says He Plans to Ban TikTok

After days of indecision and calling for a raise in stimulus checks for American citizens, President Donald Trump signed the $2.3 trillion bill that has been sitting on his desk. Visit for more information CNN reports with Trump’s signature comes an extension of unemployment benefits. The unemployment areas assist 12 million people as they […]

Trump Blasts $600 Direct Payments, Says Americans Need $2000

Trump Speaks in Defense of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting Protestors in Kenosha

In a plot twist no one saw coming, President Donald Trump called the Covid relief bill passed by Congress a “disgrace” on Twitter. Trump blasted the $600 amount of direct payments to American citizens, instead, calling for $2,000. Visit for more information CNBC reports the relief bill as passed by Congress on Monday and […]