Tumblr is Now Banning Nudes from Being Shared on the Site


Tumblr has been a major platform for some including artists, musicians and scene kids that have accumulated tons of followers on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Tumblr has made a public statement reading that it will move to ban all adult content as of Dec. 17th including photos of genitalia, photos, vids and GIF’s pertaining […]

Style Sector: Latest NYC Street Fashion


Welcoming resident and tourist alike, Washington Square Park is a hub for stagnation, a purgatory for individuals seeking the city and its fruits. Wait around long enough and you may purvey an intriguing sight; dancers filled the center of the marquee Manhattan destination, drawing the attention of a commendable and engrossed crowd. Surrounded by bustling […]

Street Kids Bootleg Pablo Apparel makes the Life of Pablo Pop-up Shop


During the grand opening of Kanye West’s Life of Pablo pop-up shop in New York City this past weekend [March 18-20], local street kids and internet sensations Austin Butts and Jonah Levine, took it upon themselves to create a bootleg version of the merch line. Even though they’re just teenagers, both are prevalent on the fashion […]