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Donald Trump Argues Climate Change Isn’t Real Because of Current Cold Weather

Donald Trump posted a polarizing tweet on Thursday night, arguing that climate change isn’t real, and used the current cold weather to prove his point. Visit for more information Many cities have dealt with record-low temperatures that have dropped below 0 recently. In one part of Minnesota, the temperature reached negative 36 degrees Fahrenheit. […]

Remember the Rant That Got Azealia Banks Suspended from Twitter? She Just Apologized to Zayn and Everyone Else Offended


Azealia Banks attempted to mend things with singer Zayn Malik. Visit for more information Last May, Banks’ Twitter fingers towards Malik got her suspended from the social network. It all started when the rapper mistook Malik’s tweets for subtweets at her, a common cause of celebrity beefs. However, Banks’ response went too far as […]