U.S. Vice President Joe Biden

Ice Cube Says He’s Banned From CNN After They Cancelled His Interview


According to a recent tweet from Ice Cube, his interview with Chris Cuomo was cancelled and claims the network had already banned him from their platform and he doesn’t understand why they even inquired about an interview in the first place. After clarifying once again that he is totally non-partisan in his pursuit to strive […]

Polls Show Americans Believe VP Joe Biden Won First Presidential Debate

Joe Biden Suggests to Hold Off on Second Presidential Debate Following Trump's COVID-19 Diagnosis

After last night’s heated, intense, overbearing, and sometimes cringe-worthy debate, Americans have looked past President Trump’s interruptions and misleading statements to stated Vice President Joe Biden had the better debate performance. According to CNN, Six in 10 debate watchers voted Biden did a better job speaking to the American people. Only 28% decided in favor […]

[WATCH] Joe Biden Says Trump Is The First “Racist” To Be Elected POTUS


Well, truth be told, he wasn’t the first. With the blatantly embarrassing bigotry that the United States was built upon, Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden had a history glitch of some sort during a virtual town hall meeting, asserting that Donald Trump is the first “racist” to be elected to the country’s top political […]