University of Oklahoma

OU Running Back Rodney Anderson Cleared of Rape Charges, Accuser Not Charged for Lying

Rodney Anderson via Sports Illustrated

The University of Oklahoma student and running back Rodney Anderson will not face charges after a woman said that she was raped by him. Visit for more information On Monday (Dec 18), Cleveland County District Attorney, Greg Mashburn, announced today that the VPO against Anderson is officially dropped after announcing last week that Anderson will not face […]

Member of Racist University of Oklahoma Fraternity Speaks Out

Last month, the world was stunned over a video showing of a racist chant by the now defunct fraternity SAE. The University of Oklahoma quickly expelled the fraternity and members who can be seen in the video singing the racist chant. When the news of the students being expelled from school was announced, many were […]

Former Cook Of SAE Has Money Raised After Losing Job


This week has already been a nightmare for members of University of Oklahoma fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon. A video was released of members singing a racist chant and right away the fraternity was kicked off campus. As the fraternity was shut down, it hurt not only those members who did not participate in the chant […]