Nine People Dead After Venezuela’s Bloody Election


At least nine people, including an election candidate, have been killed in the past 24 hours in Venezuela as the country voted for an all-powerful new legislative body tasked with reforming the country’s constitution. Country’s opposition parties boycotted Sunday’s polls, which they say is aimed at consolidating President Nicolas Maduro’s power. Counting of ballots across […]

Frida Kahlo Exhibit Will Feature The Work of 50 Women in Venezuela

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The legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo will be honored in Venezuela this week, celebrating 109 years of her work. The exhibit Siempre Frida will be featured in Caracas, along with the work of 50 women who were inspired by the artist. It will also be a celebration of her 109th birthday. Kahlo is viewed as […]

Dos Centavos: Our Weekly Wrap Up Of The Hottest Latin Tracks


We at Source Latino are back at it with another batch of hits from artists around the world. This time we’re going to keep it in Espanol with songs from the heavyweights in reggaeton and salsa. We have songs from Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico and more. As many of the mainstays in the Latin world […]

Woman Arrested For Smoking On A Plane Rants About Obama “Killing People”

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Reddit user catches a woman going nuts pre-flight, and somewhat regretting it There are a few things, especially post-9/11, that you just don’t do after boarding an airplane. Some of them aren’t even actions that speak directly to potential acts of violence or terrorism, but the idea is to stay away from any and everything […]