Corey St. Rose Drifts Through an Animated Ride in New “Midnight Cruise” Video

Corey St

Corey St. Rose gives us Kanye West “Heartless” vibes with the visuals for his new video. Visit for more information St. Rose brings the animation to life through the vibrant production of “Midnight Cruise,” a feeling that actually fits the song title and overall video. The Brooklyn-born MC shares the visual stage with a […]

Jayson Lyric Releases Sophomore Album ‘Billy Goat’


Jayson Lyric releases his sophomore album Billy Goat keeping the tradition of his Friday the 13th releases in true “Jayson” form. Billy Goat consists of eleven tracks with one particular track titled “Mural by Banksy” being hidden inside the album’s outro in representation of the infamous yet anonymous English artist Banksy who is a thief of […]

Top 20 Hip-Hop Music Videos For 420


Happy 420 to you cannabis lovers! Start off today’s smokey celebration with our classic video playlist for the occasion. Visit for more information 420 has become prominent in culture and celebrated by many including some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists. While you may enjoy your session or nibble on your favorite edibles, sit back […]