[WATCH] NJ Woman Stranded In Barbados After Volcano Erupts In Saint Vincent

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Destiny Bean traveled from Bayonne, New Jersey for an extended girls weekend in Barbados. She arrived one day before a volcano erupted on the nearby island of Saint Vincent and now she’s stuck by herself in Barbados. Her friend missed her flight and Destiny’s luggage never made it, forcing her to wear a towel in […]

Volcano Causes Devastating Tsunami in Indonesia


In a very sad and devastating tale of Mother Nature, 373 people have died from a Tsunami that struck Indonesia due to the Anak Krakatau volcano slipping into the ocean along the rim of the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands late this past Saturday. Buildings demolished, families devastated, and a country heartbroken. At least […]

“Kick ‘Em Jenny” Volcano Set To Erupt Under The Sea Near Grenada


Experts say that the underwater volcano is expected to fully erupt within the next 24 hours Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Kick ‘Em Jenny, an “under the sea” volcano off the north coast of Grenada is predicted by seismic experts to erupt by tomorrow. Contrary to many reports that have been circulating about the impending […]