Goodr And Gunna To Host $100,000 Gift Card Giveaway At College Park Walmart

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Walmart shoppers in College Park (6149 Old National Hwy, College Park, GA 30349) will have the chance to receive a $150 gift card and a special gift from multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated rapper, Gunna, this Thursday, December 23rd, thanks to his partnership with Goodr. The YSL/300/Atlantic artist will present the gift cards to 750 pre-registered families in his […]

[WATCH] Man In Wheelchair Suspected Of Shoplifting Shot And Killed By Tuscon Police

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Several reports have confirmed that a Tuscon Police officer shot and killed a 61-year-old man in a wheelchair suspected of shoplifting, as shown in the video footage below. Visit for more information Richard Lee Richards was shot nine times by Officer Ryan Remington after being accused of shoplifting at a local Walmart. “According to […]

Kanye West Sues Walmart For Selling Knock Off Foam Runners

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Walmart is known for being a one-stop shop, but one thing you won’t be getting there is Kanye West’s latest shoes.  Visit for more information Kanye West is suing the store for attempting to sell ripoff versions of his new Adidas YEEZY Foam Runners. The music and fashion icon made the claim in Los […]

Walmart Receives Backlash For Sending E-Blast With N-Word

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Walmart has received some staunch criticism in the past for a racial incident and racism has reared its ugly head again in the superstore as countless Walmart shoppers received an e-mail blast with “Welcome To Walmart, Nigger!” written in the heading. Visit for more information According to Baller Alert, several shoppers screenshotted the racist […]

Walmart Sold 1,500 Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pies Hourly on Thanksgiving

Walmart Sold 1,500 Patti Labelle's Sweet Potato Pies Hourly on Thanksgiving

Patti Labelle is moving sweet potato pies like it’s packs! Walmart reports that the signature dessert was flying off the shelves on Thanksgiving. Visit for more information According to a spokesperson for Walmart, the department store sold a whopping 36,000 pies daily. Making that 1,500 pies an hour. “With Thanksgiving just around the corner, […]

Walmart to Partner With Tribeca Enterprises to Transform Parking Lots to Drive-In Movie Theaters

Walmart to Partner With Tribeca Enterprises to Transform Parking Lots to Drive In Movie Theaters

Drive-in movie theaters have regained popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Walmart and Tribeca Enterprises joined forces to bring them to participating locations. Visit for more information The retail giant announced its plans to transform 160 parking lots into drive-in movie theaters from August to October. “Starting in August at select Walmart stores, we’re partnering […]

Kodak Black Threatens to Sue Walmart Over Fake Sniper Gang Chains

Kodak Black's Team Hosts Florida Toy Drive

Kodak Black did not give Walmart permission to drive the boat and now he’s threatening to sue. Visit for more information The megastore is getting dragged online for selling knock off Sniper Gang chains. The rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, told TMZ, “We have been aware of the situation and have prepared a cease and […]

Lil Baby: Walmart Got Me F****d Up For Selling Knockoff ‘4PF’ Chains

Walmart is trying to cash in on Lil Baby’s commercial success and the Atlanta born and bred rapper isn’t having it. Visit for more information The superstore giant has an image of a pendant posted on their website captioned “Hip-hop celebrity style fashion silver plated Lil Baby 4PF Pendant” priced at a meager $25. […]

Walmart Announces Plan to Stop Locking ‘Multicultural’ Beauty Products

Walmart Announces Plan to Stop Locking 'Multicultural' Beauty Products

Walmart is joining the list of predominantly white corporations trying to seemingly make things right amid the growing outrage of the Black Lives Matter movement. Visit for more information The megastore announced that it will stop putting “multicultural hair care and beauty products” in locked cases. The practice was in place in “about a dozen” […]

Walmart Removes Firearms From Sales Floor in Response to Nationwide Looters

Walmart Announces Plan to Stop Locking 'Multicultural' Beauty Products

Walmart is controversial because they sell firearms to the public, however, the mega-chain has a lot of supporters. Visit for more information As the debate continues and rioters across the country loot the streets when night falls, the superstore decided to pull the guns from the sales floor. “As a responsible seller of hunting […]

Kentucky Walmart Announces Emergency Leave Policy Following Confirmed CoronaVirus

Walmart Announces Plan to Stop Locking 'Multicultural' Beauty Products

A Walmart store in Cynthia, Kentucky has announced an emergency leave after one of its employees have tested positive for coronavirus. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a total of 849 cases of coronavirus in the United States. Visit for more information US CEO of Walmart, John Furner […]

Trina Opens Up About Racist Walmart Incident

Trina Opens Up About Racist Walmart Incident

Trina made headlines earlier this week after she had to check a racist woman who lost her mind in a Florida Walmart. Visit for more information The woman allegedly called the rapper a “n****r b****” and all h*ll broke loose. Although initial reports suggested that the heated exchanged occurred after the women bumped into […]

[WATCH] Trina Goes in on White Woman Who Called her the N-Word in Walmart

Trina on a VERZUZ Battle with Khia: 'I’m Not Stepping Off My Throne to Address No Bum'

Trina was in Walmart shopping, minding her own business when a white privileged woman hurled racial slurs at the rapper because she accidentally bumped into her. Visit for more information TMZ reports that the police were called after the Baddest B*tch silenced the brave woman. The outlet reports that the lady told Trina, “Watch […]

Walmart Told Employees to Remove Violent Video Game Ads, While Still Selling Guns in Store

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Walmart is reportedly removing signs, displays, and even video game demos that showcase violence. This follows a mass shooting at a Walmart Supercenter in El Paso, Texas on August 3, 2019. Vice reported that Walmart employees received memos from corporate headquarters asking for the immediate removal of “signing and displays referencing violence.” Apparently Walmart is telling […]

Suspect Arrested and Charged in the Murder of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes


Police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a seven-year-old girl in Houston. Visit for more information The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said on Sunday 20-year-old Eric Black Jr. has been charged with capital murder. Black “admitted to taking part in the shooting,” the office wrote in a statement. Jazmine Barnes was […]

White Man Opens Fire on Black Family and Kills 7-Year-Old Girl in Houston

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A 7-year-old Texas girl was killed Sunday morning in a drive-by shooting outside a Walmart near Houston, authorities said. Visit for more information According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, LaPorsha Washington, 30, was driving out of the Harris County store’s parking lot with her four children when a man inside a red truck […]

[GRAPHIC] NC Rapper DaBaby Shoots and Kills Man Trying to Rob Him in Walmart

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In an unfortunate turn of events, Charlotte rapper DaBaby is currently in custody after shooting and killing a man whom he alleges attempted to rob him in a Huntersville, North Carolina Walmart. Visit for more information 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig was allegedly shot and killed by the rising Charlotte rapper during a fight that […]