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Team Kanye Daily To Live Stream 2 Hours of Yeezy’s Biggest Hits April 2

Kanye West Tops Forbes' 2020 Highest Paid Musician List With $170M

If you follow Team Kanye Daily on Instagram, you’ll see the exclusive Kanye West content they post oftentimes images and video you won’t find anywhere else. Now, they’re getting involved in the IG live during quarantine wave and doing an all Yeezy music session. The TKD Instagram posted that they’ll be live starting Thursday at […]

Chance The Rapper Tweets His Favorite Songs From ‘Watch The Throne’

What began as a five-song EP, turned into a collaborative masterpiece. On August 8, 2011, rap legends, Jay-Z and his protege, Kanye West, released Watch the Throne. The album would add four Grammy Awards to their already decorated collection. The album would also spark a legendary tour that saw two figures on Hip-Hop’s Mount Rushmore […]

JAY-Z Hopes to Resolve His Relationship With Kanye West in the Future

JAY ZHopestoRepairHisRelationshipWithKanyeWestintheFuture

JAY-Z and Kanye West are gradually making progress in repairing their fractured relationship. In a revealing interview with the New York Times, Hov admitted that he spoke with Ye “the other day, just to tell him, like, he’s my brother.” he added, “I love Kanye. I do. It’s a complicated relationship with us.” JAY-Z admitted […]

6 Great Hip-Hop Bromances In Honor Of Watch The Throne’s 6 Year Anniversary


Although the current state of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s relationship remains unconfirmed, that will not let us forget six years ago when the legendary duo blessed the game with Watch The Throne, one of the strongest joint albums of all time. When working within the same industry, especially one that consists of infinite hours vibing […]

Kanye West Officially Departs from Tidal

Kanye west

Following JAY-Z’s 4:44 release, rumors began to circulate surrounding his relationship with fellow emcee Kanye West, also bringing to light West’s decision to part ways with the former’s Tidal streaming platform. As orginally reported, the plans to leave Tidal had nothing to do with Jay and Ye’s personal beef, but rather monetary issues where West says […]

Kanye West Splits From Tidal

Kanye West is one of the key players of Tidal. Following the release of The Life of Pablo, the streaming service gained 1 1/2 million subscribers which he was supposed to get a bonus for and never got paid. TMZ reported that Ye’s lawyers issued a letter to Tidal saying the company was in breach […]

Could Another Kanye West and Lil Wayne Collab Be on the Way?

kanye west lil wayne

Now I’d like to preface this hypothesis by emphasizing how that’s merely all it is thus far: a matter of speculation – and there’s probably a great deal of wishful thinking involved as well – but recent signs could be pointing to a new collaboration between Kanye West and Lil Wayne potentially on the horizon, […]

Is Drake Mad At Macklemore? Or Is It Kanye? No, It’s Rolling Stone


Yesterday, Rolling Stone published an excerpt of their highly anticipated Drake cover story, which, naturally, received a lot of attention from the blogosphere. However, it wasn’t for his typical shout outs or for dropping some secrets; instead, it was for his fiery comments he directed towards Grammy darling and our Man of the Year, Macklemore. He called the […]

Kanye Reacts To Grammy Nomination Snubs During Yeezus Tour Stop

yeezus tour shot

Kanye is not happy During his Yeezus tour stop in Phoenix last night, Kanye West did the inevitable, and addressed the lack of Grammy nominations for his critically acclaimed Yeezus album, which only garnered two nominations (Rap Album of the Year, Best Rap Solo Performance) when the full list was released last week. Ye made […]

Kanye West Hints At New Solo Album And Watch The Throne Sequel

jay z e kanye west otis

Kanye West continued his highly sought after promotional campaign and Yeezus tour this past weekend, destroying both MSG and the Barklay’s Center stages to the delight of a throng of fans. For those who were unable to catch his performance, Ye sat down with Power 99 in Philadelphia to discuss his “Creative Genius” and revolutionary thoughts. Uncharacteristically calm, […]

A History of Hip-Hop’s Sampling Lawsuits

Following Lord Finesse’s lawsuit against Mac Miller, The Source thought it would be appropriate to highlight the lawsuits that have arisen in hip-hop in the past over sampling and copyright infringements. Mac Miller is not alone in the present nor the past, as many of his contemporaries and predecessors have fought the same battle he […]

Kanye Gets Kanye’d During ‘Otis’ Acceptance Speech

The Knowles-Carter household put it all on the line when Jay-Z and Beyonce went head to head for Video Of The Year. With the Throne coming out victorious, Jay-Z and Kanye West took to the stage for an acceptance speech. Jay-Z had everyone sharing a laugh as he “Kanye’d” Kanye. Watch the video above incase […]

Jay-Z Brings Out Kanye West & Rihanna At Hackney

Jay-Z fresh off his european leg of Watch The Throne Tour headlined Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend. He brought along Roc Nation princess, Rihanna along with his co-holder of the throne, Kanye West. While most of us were not in the building, The Roc was so check it out.  Advertisement – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)

Beyoncé & Kim Kardashian Get Stuck In Watch The Throne Mosh Pit

Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian attended the Watch The Throne concert last night in Birmingham’s LG Arena. The Throne’s leading ladies guarded by security ended up in the middle of the crowds mosh pit during “N***as In Paris.” Check out how it all went down. Good to see these ladies put their differences aside. Advertisement   – […]

Kanye West To Perform Back To Back Nights In Atlantic City

Over the weekend Miss Info revealed that Kanye West perform back-to-back nights in Atlantic City’s Revel Resorts. The shows are slated for July 5th and 6th and according to Info Hot 97 has tickets starting today! Advertisement Last month Beyonce received rave reviews as she performed at the venue during Memorial Day Weekend.   – Sean […]