Dr. Kanye West Breaks Down Why Welfare Is The Reason Black Peeps Are Dems

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“It is something about when I put this hat on, you makes me feel like Superman.” Kanye passionately said to Donal Trump “You made a Superman cape to me.” Dr. Kanye West is out here breaking down politics at The White House. Not only did he blast out that the institution of welfare is the […]

Wisconsin Welfare Recipients Begin Mandatory Drug Testing Monday


The Governor of Wisconsin may have failed at his presidential bid, but he’s winning in his war against the poor Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has signed off on a new standard for food stamps recipients, job training and unemployment benefits; all those who receive these benefits must be tested for illegal drugs. When Walker […]

Kansas Capping ATM Withdrawals For Welfare Recipients To $25 Per Day

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Kansas welfare recipients now can only withdrawal $25 per day from ATMs and the fees still remain It will now cost those who receive welfare in Kansas more money to withdraw from ATMs with only a $25 limit per day. According to the Chicago Tribune, the legislature places a daily cap of $25 on cash […]