White Supremacists

White Supremacists Reportedly Discussed Using COVID-19 as a Weapon Against Minorities

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Newly unveiled documents show that white supremacist groups planned on weaponizing COVID-19 and using it against minorities and law enforcement. On Saturday, Yahoo! News released a federal law enforcement intelligence brief dating back to the week of February 17-24. Federal law enforcement had been monitoring communications of white supremacist groups via the app Telegram – […]

#WhiteLivesMatter Hashtag Resurrected by White Supremacist Rallies

White Lives Matter

Words by Ime Ekpo Midday Saturday, social media, at most, Twitter, went abrupt as the hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter took a toll on the trending list. The hashtag’s revival was caused by a rally organized by a couple of “White nationalist groups” who are in favor of closed borders and deportations. The protesters claim their reasons for protesting […]